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Reasons Oral Health is Fundamental
to Beauty and Wellbeing

The human body consists of many features which are often highlighted in terms of their beauty. For many of these features, the healthier they are the more attractive they seem to ourselves, those around us, and society as a whole.

oral health beauty

The smile is no different, and perhaps one of the most substantial tools we can all invest in to become more beautiful versions of ourselves - as we all have one! To encourage readers to adopt a more positive attitude and routine regarding their smiles, let’s review some of the many ways oral health benefits beauty and wellbeing straight from a dental expert!

Appearance Booster

Modern day beauty standards can be irritating and seemingly impossible to meet. It’s detrimental to never be satisfied with your own appearance, which is an unfortunate reality for many. Instead, it’s much healthier to work with what nature gave you to boost your appearance and ultimately your confidence in the process.

For most of us, a whiter smile is something obtainable through some investment alongside a bit of dedication. Smiles which are dull or yellowish in colour signify poorer oral health and hamper the beauty of surrounding facial features. On the flipside, radiantly white smiles enhance the rest of the face and signify optimal wellbeing. Funny enough, this concept is identical to what’s seen throughout the animal kingdom in flashy displays of appearance to help attract mates, like a peacock’s tail!

A Built-in Life Hack

When you look your best, you feel your best! Investing in proper oral care habits will enhance your smile’s appearance and encourage you to subconsciously show it off more while you’re navigating through the world!

Smiling is a natural instinct and let’s us sidestep a person’s defenses. When you smile, you’ll likely make someone else smile by reflex which releases endorphins that are known stimulate positive emotions. This means they’ll want to experience more of it and hang around you to achieve it! Like bees swarming towards honey, the more you smile the more you’ll attract people your way.

A Routine with Results

Depending on your personal temperament, routines can be challenging to commit to. However, nothing makes a routine more desirable than when results start appearing along the way.

Investing in brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, routine checkups, and even products to enhance the smile like whitening strips or natural toothpastes will all enhance your wellbeing. As well as consuming healthier foods which encourage the vitality of the smile, and avoiding negative habits like smoking. Which not only ensure a more attractive smile, but a healthier body as a whole. Hopefully these practices will become building blocks you claim to accomplish a more positive lifestyle.

Reducing Risk Throughout the Body

The smile is intimately linked to the rest of your body, as it is one of the major tools you use to interact with the outside world. Poor oral hygiene and an unhealthy smile puts your immune system in jeopardy. As bacteria quickly accumulates and multiples throughout the mouth, it then enters the bloodstream which spread throughout the body.

This phenomenon places you at risk for developing serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease, while also contributing to strokes and heart attacks. Meaning the more care and attention your smile receives, the more robust your entire body will become!

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