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What Is the Option for Replacing the Missing Teeth?

Adults might have missing teeth for various reasons, including congenital disabilities, trauma, or untreated disease that leads to tooth loss. The Dentist Boronia provides various treatment options to replace a missing tooth or make alterations to the overall appearance of your mouth, regardless of the underlying cause for missing teeth. Here are a few alternatives for replacing lost teeth. 

Options for replacing missing teeth

If you are thinking about replacing your lost teeth, you have a few options. This is generally determined by several factors, including your existing oral health, the number of missing teeth, and your financial constraints. During a consultation with one of our Dentist Boronia, the best therapy for your teeth will be discussed; for quick placement of teeth.

replacing missing teeth

Partial denture

A partial denture comprises one or more artificial teeth held in place by a detachable acrylic plate or metal frame. Although it is a low-cost alternative, it also has the lowest long-term success rate, with only 40% of cases lasting five years. Partially removable dentures provide a different sensation than implants, which work like a natural tooth.

Resin-bonded bridge

Metal "wings '' secure a fake tooth to the rear of neighbouring teeth in this treatment technique. The success rate is high, with 88 percent of bridges lasting at least five years, albeit the average lifespan is only seven years. One disadvantage is that the metal that holds the artificial tooth can sometimes be seen through the natural supporting teeth.

Conventional bridge

A traditional bridge is a fixed artificial tooth or teeth kept in place by crowns on the teeth on either side. This treatment has a high success rate and is a more long-term solution than the other options. One issue to consider is that the neighbouring teeth may be damaged while they are "filed down" to make room for the bridge.

Dental implant

Dental implants offer the best success rate and act in the most natural way of all the options. They aid in the preservation of bone levels in areas where teeth have been removed. They have a high success rate and can last a lifetime in most circumstances. They can be treated exactly like real teeth in terms of appearance and function. Although a dental implant is the most expensive treatment option, the fact that it is often a long-term solution helps mitigate the initial cost.

Tooth supported bridge

Instead of inserting two implants in your teeth, a tooth-supported bridge uses your existing teeth to support the bridge. On the teeth that are near to the lost ones, a crown is cemented into place. The technique takes a few visits to complete.

The bottom line

If you are missing teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or an injury, talk to your dentist about your options for tooth replacement. The cost depends on the type of replacement, the number of teeth being replaced, and even where you live. Some health insurance policies may cover the cost of replacement.

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