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Want to Find an Online Smoke Shop With E-Nails, Dab Rigs, and Bongs? We’ve Got You Covered

When consuming marijuana, you need to find and use the right accessories so you stay safe and healthy. Using the right accessories ensures you get strong hits, increase the flavor profile, and responsibly consume marijuana. Let’s see where you can buy e-nails, dab rigs, bongs, and other marijuana-related accessories for your smoking needs.

Smoke Shop Definition

A smoke shop, also known as a head shop, vape shop, marijuana dispensary, CBD store, or tobacconist, is a store that sells paraphernalia and accessories directly related to smoking and consuming marijuana. When consuming marijuana, you need to use the right accessories to easily use the product, get the best hits, and safely consume the product.

Smoke Shops That Sell E-Nails, dab rigs, and bongs

There Are many smoke shops out there that sell the marijuana accessories you are looking for. However, by narrowing down the options to a few select line options, you can reduce the time spent browsing the internet to find the specific shop with your needed products.

The Freeze Pipe Shop

This online smoke shop sells a wide range of products, such as pipes, bubblers, bongs, recyclers, and e-nails for every person’s preferences. Some of the most popular products from The Freeze Pipe are:

  • Freeze Pipe
    This glass hand pipe provides smooth hits, stays frozen for long periods of time, makes packing easy, and has easy clean-up and maintenance.
  • Electric Dab Nail
    This Freeze Shop product fits any piece with an 18 or 14mm bowl for added versatility, has a wide temperature range of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, and lets users safely insert wax without burning themselves.

420 Science

420 Science is an online smoke shop with a wide range of products, such as bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, vaporizers, hand pipes, bubblers, and accessories. Some of the most popular products are as follows:

  • Waxmaid silicone four-in-one bong/dab rig/nectar collector/bubbler
    This four-in-one bong has various features that let you smoke in various methods, letting you change the apparatus into a bong, bubbler, rig, or dab straw
  • AFM 10in double UFO perc Klein recycler rig
    This double UFO perc bong consistently cycles vapor to create a fresh and smooth hit.
  • Green Bear 8in Thick Beaker Bong
    This bong is affordable, dense, durable, and long-lasting. With a downstem that goes directly into the water for big hits, it is also versatile enough to use a small water pipe.
  • GRAV 4in 12mm taster with silicone skin
    The Grav Taster is a one-size-fits all option that is durable, protects from impacts, covers the bowl when not in use, and can catch the ash from a vape pen for added cleanliness.

Smoke cartel

Smoke Cartel is an online smoke shop that sells bongs, vaporizers, glass pipes, dab rigs, nails, bangers, grinders, CBD, hemp, bubblers, ash catchers, and dab torches. Some of the best selling options at the smoke shop are:

  • Fastest Heating Electric Dab Rig
    This e-rig is a powerful option that has an ergonomic design for ease of use. With induction heat technology to allow cups to be heated through the substance, the flavor profile and strength of hits are increased.
  • Diamond 8” Classic Beaker Bong
    This bong has a matching dry herb bowl, beaker base, borosilicate glass, diffused downstem, ground joint, and lip wrapped for added durability and efficiency when pulling big hits.
  • Adjustable Titanium Nail 14mm-18mm
    This titanium nail is a crucial part of your concentrate apparatus. Suitable for daily use, this titanium nail is 2.5 inches long, adjustable, and portable for ease of use and smoking efficiency.


As you can see, various smoke shops have accessories for your smoking needs, selling products like e-nails, dab rigs, bongs, and titanium nails. By shopping around for the right accessories, you can ensure you smoke marijuana most safely and effectively.

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