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Online Doctor Consultations:
Why Is This Often Used?

Today, many people are increasingly focusing on their mobility. To achieve this, users are increasingly choosing online clinics, as they are looking for ways to save time and consult with an online doctor...

Online Doctor Consultations

Online consultation with doctors: how effective is it?

On the network, you can watch movies, play various entertainments, communicate, but this is far from the whole range of things that can be done in the network space. Today, there are specialized medical sites and forums where you can quickly get medical advice, and those who have the experience, and not just amateur beginners. To do this, you can ask a question to a specialist and attach your documents.

Some doctors also offer video consultations. They are held on Skype or in other services. The doctor is even able to conduct a basic examination, but this method of diagnosis is not always effective. It’s better to go live to the doctor.

7 advantages of online consultation compared to a face-to-face consultation...

More and more patients are making queries online through Internet platforms. Although online consultation is in no way a substitute for face-to-face consultation, some niches of patients, such as chronic patients, are increasingly using this service. Some doctors begin to see this new modality as a way to complement the care they offer their patients and improve their service, and therefore their care. 

Some of the advantages offered by online consultation over face-to-face are the following:

  1. Accessibility
    The easiest way to get to the doctor safely. The doctor doesn't always give out their phone number, and parents almost always have their cell phones at hand. Devices like iPad, smartphones, laptops ... are perfect. 
  2. Saving Time
    Save time. There is no time to spend or wait in the waiting room or return. Not spending time traveling is one of the main advantages for the patient.
  3. Speed of Response
    The whole process is accelerated. Both that of making an appointment, as well as that of making the consultation and of course that of obtaining an answer. 
  4. Security
    There are no risks. Hospital waiting rooms can harbor microbes or viruses. Something that does not happen if you do it from your home or from wherever you want.
  5. Cost
    It is always cheaper than on-site, and there may even be more fees depending on the consultation time. The saving of time is added to saving money. 
  6. Reliability
    By being in writing in many of the cases you can go back to the information the doctor has told you, and absolutely nothing is lost from what the specialist has said in his verbal presentation. You can archive them, reread them, and reflect on what your specialist has told you. 
  7. Comfort
    When the patient wants, without schedules, without distance. Tailored to the new patient, adapted to the times. 

And remember, online consultation never substitutes face-to-face, it complements it. Nor is it for emergencies. Emergencies are emergencies and are resolved as such, not online. 

Cons of communication with a doctor on the network - you need to have a good connection. But usually in the era of the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile Internet, finding yourself a good operator is not difficult.

If consultations with a doctor have already been held, it will be possible to go to the nearest clinic and already have a live examination there. He will be able to identify all that the online doctor could not establish. Yes, and it is best to prescribe medications with a live visit to the doctor since you can discuss different points and details. Online is a good option, but still, we recommend that you only use paid online services. Free usually is cheese in a mousetrap - often these are unprofessional doctors.

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