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5 Reasons to Pick On Guard Safety Glasses

On Guard is a brand of safety eyewear owned by Hilco Vision. Since 1999, the On Guard brand has made safety glasses that meet safety standards across many industries. Here are five reasons why On Guard safety glasses are a good choice for construction, emergency services, health care and manufacturing professionals.

1. On Guard Specializes In Safety Rated Glasses

On Guard offers a wide selection of safety glasses and goggles that meet the American National Standards Institute Z87.1 eye safety standard as well as the Canadian standard CSA Z94.3. Choose from styles that resemble lifestyle eyeglasses or safety goggles based on the application.

Check the safety certifications of your favorite style of On Guard glasses. Compare the features of value and premium frames as well as frames with side shields or the option for a removable head strap.

2. On Guard Glasses Provide Affordable Eye Protection

On Guard is a budget-oriented brand. While it is possible to spend well over $100 on titanium frames, the Elite series is priced around $100 and most On Guard eyeglasses and safety glasses are under $75. 

When you compare On Guard to other safety glasses brands, it is hard to beat the features of their frames for the price. On Guard has also expanded its product line beyond safety goggles and glasses to include stylish eyeglasses that protect your eyes and can also correct your vision.

3. On Guard Safety Glasses Styles Are Unisex

On Guard makes safety glasses that can be worn by men or women. Check the size and measurement of frames for the best fit. Some On Guard eyewear features colorful accents, but most styles are subdued and suitable for professional environments.

The affordability of safety glasses by On Guard may enable shoppers to select more than one pair of eyewear for reasons of style. Men and women can match eyeglasses to outfits for special occasions and still be able to count on the eye protection On Guard provides.

4. On Guard Glasses Are Workplace Approved

In addition to meeting the ANSI Z87.1 standard, On Guard styles are also approved by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The OSHA regulation 1910.133 deals with eye and face protection, and federal eye safety standards are based on ANSI standards. 

Wearing On Guard eyewear reduces your risk of suffering eye injuries on the job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports approximately 20,000 eye injuries in workplaces every year. Safety glasses or goggles go a long way toward preventing serious injuries from hazards against which eyewear is safety rated.

5. On Guard Makes Prescription-Ready Frames

Prescription safety glasses can improve your vision and protect your eyes. On Guard offers a wide range of prescription-ready glasses frames as well as goggles that you can wear over glasses. 

These are five reasons why On Guard safety glasses stand out among protective eyewear. On Guard offers non-prescription and prescription-ready frames with industry-standard features at affordable prices. Wear safety glasses by On Guard to protect your eyes from hazards at work or in any other environment.

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