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The 10 Oldest National Teams in the World

The England national football team is the first football team to be established in the world. The creation of the first football team in the world has made England more respected. Many people think that England is the birthplace of this sport. After that, many national teams were formed. National teams will be participating in official tournaments around the world. Each country has only a national team. You can refer to some information about the oldest national teams in the world in the article below...

Switzerland national team

The Switzerland national team was founded in 1895 and is considered the youngest football team on this list. In 124 years of existence, the best achievement of the team is in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 1934, 1938 and 1954.


Members of the team have also changed a lot in recent years. Image: kèo nhà cái

In particular, in 2006, Switzerland set a world record when it was eliminated from the World Cup that no opponent scored a goal in the match with this team.

Argentina national team

Argentina is the team that has become the world champion 2 times. The Argentina national team was founded in February 1893. This was one of the most successful teams in the world. Argentina had attended in the quarterfinals of World Cup tournament 5 times, including the first time in 1930. Although in 1930, Argentina lost to Uruguay by 4-2 goals but fans still admired the effort of this team.

In 1978, Argentina became the world champion for the first time when defeating the Netherlands team. At that time, the Netherlands was a big team and extremely strong. In particular, Argentina can win when the Netherlands team is dominant in extra time.

Eight years later, the Argentina national team continued to win and became the world champion thanks to the excellence of Diego Maradona. In 1986, Argentina defeated the German team with a score of 3-2 in the last match.

New Zealand national team

The New Zealand team was born in 1891. At the Oceanic Cup, they are the strongest team because they have become champions 5 times. However, after the founding of the New Zealand national team, many other football clubs also appeared but were not supported.

New Zealand

There are many other football clubs in this country that only operate as an amateur team

Netherlands national team

The Netherlands national team is one of the great teams in the world. This team was born very early, founded in 1889. After 130 years of existence, many people think that the Netherlands national team will achieve great achievements or will quickly become the champion of a tournament or big fight. However, even though the Netherlands national team attended in the quarterfinal of the World Cup tournament three times but they still failed. The most prestigious appellation that they won was the champion of the EURO 1988 tournament. However, today, the Netherlands national team is no longer a major rival of many other teams in the world.

Denmark national team

Apart from the England national team, the Denmark national team is the oldest in the world. The Denmark team may not have many famous football stars but at the 2020 World Cup in the future, we still cannot underestimate the players of this team. The solidarity as well as the tremendous efforts of the Denmark national team makes it very difficult for them to defeat.

This is the sixth time that Denmark has participated in the quarterfinal of the World Cup tournament. Before that, the best achievement the team was in the quarterfinals of the 1998 World Cup tournament. The team's biggest winning at the World Cup was a 6-1 goal in the match with Uruguay in 1986.


Their most memorable defeat was a 1-5 goal with the match with Spain in Mexico in 1986

Northern Ireland national team

Established in 1880, Northern Ireland is still the youngest team among the UK countries. When we talk about Northern Ireland national team, we cannot ignore the person who made the team's success - coach Michael O’Neil. He was born in 1969 and was a football player. He was the man who brought so much glory to the Northern Ireland national team. In the 2016 European Championship football tournament, although Northern Ireland was a lightweight competitor but the team achieved the first position in Group F of European Regional Qualifiers. In 10 qualifying matches, the Northern Ireland football team performed extremely well with 6 wins, 3 draws and only 1 loss against Romania in 2014.

Welsh national team

The Welsh national team was born in 1876. The quarterfinal of the 1958 World Cup and the semi-final of Euro 2016 is the greatest achievement of this team. The Welsh national team is managed by the Welsh Football Association.

The first international match of Welsh was the match with Scotland in 1876. The team firstly attended to the World Cup in 1958. In this tournament, the Welsh national team shocked everyone when present in the quarterfinals. Not only that, in 2016, the team also participated in the Euro tournament for the first time and was present in the semi-finals of the tournament. Although the team is not appreciated, every time they appear, they make many people surprised


Recently, the Welshnational team has also become the 20th team in the Euro 2020 tournament

Because this team plaid in their pitch, so the Welsh team excellently defeated the Hungarian team with 2-0 goal and quickly Win the last ticket to attend the Euro 2020 Finals.

Scotland national team

Founded in 1873, Scotland is the second oldest team in the world. Together with England, they were the team to attend to first international match in 1872. The Scotland national football team is managed by the Scotland Football Association.

In the first international match in 1872, Scotland met England. Scotland have participated in the World Cup 8 times and participated in Euro 2 times, but the team did not pass the group stage.

England national team

Established in 1863, the England national team is the team with the oldest history in the world. Because of it, they are also known as the origin of the sport of kings. They became a World Cup champion in 1966. After that, they only achieved the fourth position in 1990 and 2018.

The above 10 national football teams are the oldest in the world. You can see more their football achievements as well as livescore at Currently, these are well-known names. In future tournaments, these teams will surely make glorious history for world football!

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