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Finding Peace in Oneself by Creating Calm
in the Outside World

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By Kari Oakley

Most people have very different goals in life. Part of what makes life fun is that we're all searching for different ways to be happy. But there is one constant. To enjoy life we also need to find moments of serenity. And this is proving more and more difficult to achieve in today's hectic world. People are frantically searching for their own personal happiness. But it's hard to relax for a while and actually enjoy the fruits of our labor. But inner peace is actually closer than we might suspect.

The peace of our own environment

It's well known that people in urban environments experience more stress than those in rural areas. But people seldom really consider why that might be the case. One of the big reasons why rural settings feel so peaceful is that they're usually quiet and uncluttered.

To be sure, one can find many different noises in a natural setting. But these are usually fairly quiet and melodious. A cricket's song is quite different than a loud air conditioner. Likewise, rural areas have quite a few things within them. But everything tends to be spread out. We don't feel boxed in or overcome with sensory input when we spend time in nature.

Structuring our living spaces in a more natural way

People in urban settings might not see much use in dwelling on how peaceful nature can be. But everyone can take some lessons from the natural world. And in doing so we can make our urban homes nearly as peaceful as a natural setting.

One of the main points comes down to cleanliness and simplicity. Consider just how uncluttered natural settings are. We can find inner peace by emulating that within our own home. One of the easiest ways to do this is by removing unnecessary items from our life.

To begin, go through everything in a room. Consider just how much any given item adds to your life. If you feel something isn't adding very much to your life than you should consider getting rid of it. The main reason is that an item which adds nothing to our lives will actually detract from it. They cease to be possessions and instead become clutter. And you'll soon find that clutter is one of the main reasons why you find it hard to properly relax at home.

Cleanliness and simplicity go together

It'll take most people a while to rid themselves of clutter. But when it's done they'll almost always feel some relief. The sense of space and freedom in their home should already start to lend a sense of calm.

But it's not enough to simply remove items from our home. The vast majority of people will discover something unpleasant as they move more and more things. People are typically confronted with a great deal of unclean or even gross material. If we're not using something, we tend to ignore it. And when we ignore a space it becomes the perfect place for dust, mold or even pests to amass. Some of it can even prove dangerous. As such, it's best to go directly from tidying your home to cleaning it.

Removing possible sources of danger

One of the reasons people in the city are stressed is that it can feel dangerous. But cleaning can show where the real risks are. One might even find wasps such as a Mud Dauber lurking behind newly removed clutter. It's best to move promptly in removing any danger from one's home. But once that step is completed one will see something truly amazing.

A tidy, clean and peaceful home

Your home will now be clean, tidy and peaceful. That's the point where one should take a moment to step back and really appreciate how much it's changed. There will be more space, less noise and no sense of lurking danger. What's more, you'll feel more peaceful simply by living in that environment. Even the process of creating such a peaceful place should have lent you a sense of calm. From that point you simply need to enjoy your new way of life.

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