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The Emotional Benefits of Saving Money
for Large Purchases


By Kari Oakley

Spending a lot of money is a big commitment. However, you should know that there are big emotional benefits of saving money for a large purchase. It can outweigh the other factors and improve your quality of life. Here are the various upsides of saving up:


The first emotion to value in saving up for something large is pure happiness. In a culture where it is hard to come by pure joy, this is something to cherish. Simple happiness is an underrated emotion and you should look for it wherever you can find it today.


Whether it is a Chrysler 300 or a new addition to your home, saving up for something big is a huge moment of accomplishment. It gives you a feeling of pride like no other. You know that you sacrificed, planned, and ultimately changed your actions until you got your goal. This feeling of pride lets you know that you can truly do anything you put your mind to. It's something exciting to tell others about when bringing up what you've been up to lately.


The warriors of the past had immense discipline. But you don't need to go back to ancient times to feel the discipline of saving up to eventually buy something big for yourself. Discipline also feeds more of the same. It is addictive. You will find yourself wanting to apply it to other areas of your life as well.


All of the most successful people in the world talk about the importance of abundance. In a sense, it is the gratitude of knowing that the universe will do its part if you do yours. There are plenty of resources and money for you to have everything you want. While this happens on a small scale every day, these larger purchases really drive home that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Relief and Lack of Stress

Stressing over money is hard. Most people are stressed about money from time to time. When you finally get that thing you have been dreaming about, it is as if a big weight has dropped from your shoulders. You can finally relax. Your stress melts away and you realize that there is nothing to worry about anymore because you actually did it.


When you are lacking motivation, it goes into other parts of your life. Soon, it could affect everything. This applies to your finances, of course, but also to relationships and passions. Saving up for a big purchase will give you a new sense of motivation that you have not felt in a long while. And that is something healthy that you should want in your life.

Sharing and Bonding

What is the point of having something great if you cannot share it? There is emotional positivity in sharing with others what you are striving for. They can be on your team, cheering you on. Of course, when you finally get it, they can help you celebrate by enjoying the purchase with you. This amplifies your emotions to a new level.


If you have kids, there is nothing more important than seeing them happy. Many times, these purchases are going to benefit them directly. Nothing compares to seeing the smile on their faces on those special mornings when they unwrap that big gift. Even if it is for the whole family, their smiles will last forever.


When it comes to getting something that you have been saving up for, it releases a lot of positive emotions. And as many will say, emotions are the quality of your life. The more good emotions you have, the more you can enjoy what you have and be a better version of yourself. So if you were having doubts as to saving up for a big purchase before, have no fear. Know that you are making the right choice.

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