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Love Yourself, First

Love Yourself

By Kari Oakley

Going through a breakup? Relationship issues? Remember, before you can truly love someone, you need to love yourself. Being the best you can be can dramatically improve your self esteem. A good self esteem is needed for your overall confidence. Build yourself up and motivate yourself to be the best you can be, that’s the best revenge. You’ll feel better, mentally and physically.

There are many different ways to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings that affect your life daily. Antidepressants should be the last resort. Antidepressants aren't always the best option because there are natural alternatives to improve your mental state, which is healthier than taking a pill that you could potentially become immune and addicted too.

For several reasons, exercise and other natural alternatives can help your natural state of mind. Exercise isn’t just good for your physical appearance, it also helps improve your mental health. The amount of sweat you produce will help you lose weight or build muscle. The endorphins that are released in your brain after a workout, trigger a positive feeling in your body, which is almost the same feeling you get when you’re in love. Exercising has helped hundreds of people with their health and personal issues. It is truly one of the best therapies for psychological or emotional sentiments.

Don’t Let Your ‘Cheat Days’ Become ‘Cheat Weeks’

You’ll likely be tempted to reach over for ice cream and chips. However, resisting this temptation is in your best interest because if you have foods that cause inflammation, you’ll feel bloated, and therefore, unattractive. Eating the right foods will help you feel more energetic and think clearly. As a bonus, the results will lead to confidence and the sought-after revenge body. Internally and externally you will start to feel a huge difference in the way you were feeling before. Just be consistent and don’t give up on yourself.

There may be some obstacles along the way and you may sometimes feel like giving up. However, don’t let these feelings stop you from getting where you want to be. Eating well and exercising persistently will allow your body to rid itself of a lot of negativity. When you go to the gym, think of the sweat as the negativity releasing from your body. All the toxins are within the sweat, just think of it that way. Hopefully, it will give you the source of energy and motivation you need.

Natural Alternatives

Aside from fueling your body with the vitamins it needs, find a natural pick me up to help with your mood swings and depression. Any local store may have, but it’s important to do your research and look at the reviews as well. Everyone’s body is different so you have to find the one that’s right for you, but once you do it will surely give you the push you need towards a positive attitude. Sometimes, this is good to take if exercising isn’t helping as much as you’d hoped for. Aside from working out, these natural alternatives will give you an extra push toward your goal. Anxiety can also be reduced with intaking some of the natural alternatives. Just ask at the store or do your research and you will find it.

So in the end, if both exercising and taking natural vitamins don’t help, then the last option should be antidepressants. Antidepressants may or may not make you feel how you wanted to, but if it’s your last resort because you’ve tried everything, than maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try. Make sure you talk to a doctor about your symptoms and the feelings you get that affect your body negatively. Talking to psychologist before you try the antidepressants are a good option too. Getting professional help by speaking to a psychologist could eventually help you as well. Professional help could give you a different solution to the problem you’ve been facing and guide you in the right direction. It all depends on you.

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