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Master Life in the New City Before You Move


By Kari Oakley

Despite being happy about moving to a new city, it can be somewhat a scary experience. This fear usually results from the unknown, but if you take action to discover what you need to know about a city, it can help to make your moving experience less scary and more exciting.

Know Where To Get Grub

It used to be that finding good places to eat depended on who you knew, trying out multiple restaurants, some stomach aches and a bit of luck. Nowadays, it's easy to find wonderful food. All you have to do is find places on the Internet. For example, search "pizza delivery near me" to find some of the best pizza you'll ever have.

It's always a good idea to look into reviews when you look up any eatery, but you need an accurate account of reviews. Some reviews can be false, so be aware of weird-sounding names of people who have just one review of a business. Also, some search engines only post the most impactful reviews rather than giving a total star amount for a restaurant. You might want to look up a restaurant's reviews from another search engine to verify what you have read. Don't be afraid to try new things out too. Some of the best places to eat are nothing more than a "hole in the wall".

Day-to-Day Life

There's more to a new city than just eating out. You're going to have to pay your bills, get groceries, have your dry cleaning done and more. You need to check these things out before you move to make adjustment easy and so that you have what you need at all times.

The first thing you'll need to know is where to get groceries. Look up grocery stores online. Some places specialize in selling produce for a reduced price. You might want to get your bread or meat from another store because they're known for their freshness. Take a trip around your city to these different stores, and purely window shop while you sample what they have. In this way, you'll find some of the best places to shop.

You can always pay bills online, but sometimes, you want an actual brick and mortar establishment to take your concerns or pick up or return equipment, if necessary. You'll want everything fairly close to where you live. You also need to consider where a nearby tire store or automotive garage is if you own a vehicle. You wouldn't want to break down or get a flat tire only to discover that the nearest garage is 50 miles away.


Moving to a new place, you need different types of fun to have a balanced life and to get a break from the grind. You need something for recreation, sightseeing, relaxation, enjoyment and solitude among other ways to seek fun and happiness. For sightseeing, you could rely on Uber and public transportation. It's harder to sightsee when you're the one driving. Check out a map of the place you're moving to ahead of time and search for different places to visit.

Go to the local library, and discover what activities or programs they offer. Local libraries typically have reading programs, story time and calendars that list local events that cost very little or are free to the general public. That's another way to find out what to do and where things are in the new city.

Don't let something like moving scare you. It's a time to decide on making an exciting new life. Find out what you need to, and let life happen.

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