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5 Tips for Getting a Salon Quality
Pedicure at Home


By Kari Oakley

Do you love getting pedicures but hate the price tag and inconvenience of making an appointment or waiting for a chair to open up? While it’s always nice to have someone else pamper you, it’s easy to give yourself that same VIP treatment from your own home. Here are five ways to achieve that perfect pedicure without paying the price.

Clean Up

First things first, remove that old chipped polish. It’s probably been a few months since your last salon visit and it’s showing. Don’t skimp on this step. Starting with sparking clean toenails is key to the perfect pedicure. Then let your feet soak. You don’t have to own an expensive jacuzzi-type foot bath to give your feet that nice clean. All you need is a shallow bucket and some warm water. Let them soak for 10-15 minutes. It helps soften up your skin but it also just feels nice and you deserve that.

Scrub Up

Then it’s time to put in a little elbow grease. Grab a good salt or sugar scrub and go to town. Our feet take a real beating every day. Whether we walk around our house barefoot, run 10 miles a day, or wear four inch heels to the office, our feet show the scars. Use a pumice stone to make sure you get all the dead skin off. You can feel the weight of those long days disappear as your foot is rejuvenated.

Soften Up

Once your feet are clean and new, it’s times to moisturize. Find a good foot cream that will help with dry and cracked skin. Try the Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment from Nu Skin. Check the Nu Skin product reviews and see how many people love it, plus part of the proceeds go to charity. Nothing like pampering yourself and giving to those in need.

Paint Up

Now it’s time to get the polish on. Always start with a clear base coat. This will help to even out your nails’ texture and give the polish a nice clean canvas. Let that dry for just a few minutes before adding your color. Don’t skimp on your polish, though. You may have been tempted by the $1 polishes in line at the drugstore, but there is a reason they are so cheap. They look cheap and they will chip. In most cases, you really do get what you paid for. So make sure you get yourself a high quality polish and apply with care.

Seal Up

Once your nails are painted and drying, it’s time to seal the deal. A top coat may be the most important part of any good pedicure. Why would you go through all that work and leave the polished exposed to things like sandals, sand, or stubbed toes? Use a nice clear top coat and seal in your perfect color. Now let your toes dry and enjoy your beautiful salon quality pedicure.

It’s easy to get the perfect pedicure at home. If you’re lucky, you may be able to convince a friend or family member to give you a pedicure and it’s just like being at a salon but you can wear your PJs and pay nothing. Your feet work hard for you all day and they deserve some pampering. Don’t let a price tag keep you from treating yourself.

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