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Why Nursing Is One of the
Most Fulfilling Career Paths

nursing fulfilling career

Some of us gravitate towards a life of service and don’t want to simply have a job, but a calling. That’s why many decide to work in healthcare, especially nursing. While the job of a nurse is anything but easy, it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying professions there can be. Not only that, but the prospects for the future are very bright and the field allows you enough flexibility to move into multiple directions later on in your career. Here are a few reasons why nursing is one of the most fulfilling career paths you can embark on.

It Is Emotionally Rewarding

It is easy to say that a job makes a difference in society. In nursing, you know that you are. Once you have gotten through nursing school or completed your accelerated nursing program online, you are helping the sick to become well. Your advice can help those with chronic conditions remain well, fit, and productive. You can transform the lives of your patient when you give them the right advice, connect them with needed services, or work with them over several years.

This is why nurses tend to be so fulfilled. They tend to rank high on altruism. That’s what attracts them to the career. Nevertheless, knowing that you really are helping people is incredibly rewarding.

You Can Move Up the Ladder

Nurses are continually learning. Where nursing stands out is how well it facilitates this. Nursing is almost unique for having so many career on-ramps and off-ramps. You can earn an associate’s degree in nursing, work in a nursing home, and return for a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a high paying job as an RN. Or you could work in a field like family nursing, for instance, after you earn a family nurse practitioner degree online.

This master’s degree allows you to continue working, and you will receive a much higher pay rate for this in-demand skill set. Nurse practitioners earn around a hundred thousand dollars a year, and UTA has online NP programs to get your degree. You provide similar care to that of a physician but do not have to spend as much time in school. More importantly, the demand for FPN and other nurse practitioners are expected to grow by a third over the next ten years. You will always have a job, no matter where you live and what type of setting you want to work in. And by providing the primary care that patients need but can’t receive due to the physician shortages, you’ll be appreciated everywhere you go. Furthermore, when you’re well paid for work you enjoy, you are doubly rewarded.

You Can Share the Greatest Joys in Life

As a nurse, you may be there when babies are born and other landmarks in life are reached. You may provide support when giving someone bad news, but you’ll also share in their relief when they’re told the test came back negative for a dire condition.

You can provide support as patients deal with injuries and illness. You can act as their advocate or teach them what they need to do to become as independent as possible. You are able to empower patients on a daily basis. In worst case scenarios, you’ll provide pain relief to those who are suffering and give their families the emotional support they need.

You Impact Society as a Whole

Nursing also allows you to have an impact on society as a whole. You could become a patient educator, teaching patients what they need to do to take care of themselves and how to access the services they require. You can help them move beyond helplessness in the face of a diagnosis. Vaccinating children and working in health literacy helps everyone live healthier, better lives. You make a difference every day in a way that ripples out into society as a whole. You have the option of helping patients engage with society and connect with the resources they need, and you can advocate on their behalf, helping them and others like them.

You May Be There for Them When No One Else Is

Sometimes nurses are the only person who is there for the patient. In these cases, you are their connection and source of comfort. This is why compassion and commitment are two of the five main characteristics of good nurses. Whether it is helping a sick young adult who doesn’t know what to do or someone at the end of life with no one else to talk to, you provide a key lifeline and support for those who need someone who cares. You make a world of difference to that person at these times.

If you’re a nurse practitioner, you may be the only medical professional serving the area. This is especially true in areas like family practice where there is a shortage of doctors, particularly in poor and rural areas. This is why FNPs are increasingly allowed to work without being under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Nurses are also trained in how to create trust and develop connections with your patients. This may be what patients need to be able to connect with other medical professionals and society as a whole.

You Have Excellent Job Security

As a nurse, you have excellent job security. Demand for nursing is expected to grow faster than the overall job market due to population growth and an aging population. You can find a job anywhere because anywhere people live, they will get sick, become injured, and need medical advice.

You Can Enjoy Flexibility

Another benefit of being a nurse is that you can have a lot of flexibility as far as scheduling goes. You could work part-time or full-time. You can work as much overtime as you want. You can choose to work day shifts or night shifts at a hospital. You could work only weekends and be paid a premium for it. You can choose where you work, as well. Whether you want to work in a suburban doctor’s office, a hospital, nursing home, or a wellness center, the choice is up to you.


Nursing is one of the most emotionally rewarding careers available. It provides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients and improve society as a whole. If you feel like this could be your calling, we strongly suggest you look at as many nursing fields you can and pick the one that fits your skills, interests, and personality the most.

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