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Nine Things You Can Do About Climate Change

Climate change isn't just something that might happen in the future, unfortunately, it's already started. Without action, it's almost certainly going to have a huge and irreparable impact on the globe and all of its inhabitants. Indeed, the vast majority of scientists agree that human activity is the primary cause of rising global temperatures, and only we can stop it.

Do About Climate Change

The good news is we that can all do our bit in the fight against climate change. By reducing greenhouse emissions, we can help stop the temperature rising. This means reevaluating our personal carbon footprint with small and manageable lifestyle changes. If you're looking for ways to stop climate change or fighting against climate change, start with these nine simple steps.

Make yourself a no-fly zone

Air travel is a major cause of greenhouse emissions, especially long-haul flights. Consider holidaying closer to home and avoid air travel completely. There are plenty of amazing things to see and do in your own state, as well as in your neighboring states. If you have to make a long journey, consider booking a seat on a coach or train instead.

If you travel by plane for work, ask yourself whether you can avoid it. The pandemic has shown us how the power of technology allows us to communicate effortlessly with others. Reduce the number of flights you take by combining meetings into a single trip. If you must travel by air, consider flying economy which has a much lower carbon footprint than business class.

Reduce your meat and dairy intake

The global meat and dairy industry accounts for almost 15% of all greenhouse emissions. That's as much as all combined global transportation. Industrial-scale farming also causes severe deforestation and creates ethical concerns. Reducing the amount of meat and dairy products in your diet is a simple way to make a big change. Not just to the world, but to your health too.

Consider buying meat locally, which reduces the impact of transportation and the demand for industrial farming. Try to eat smaller portions of high-welfare meat and avoid processed meat products. Make as many days of the week meat-free by using meat substitutes, or simply adding veggies, beans and pulses to recipes. It's also an easy switch to dairy-free yogurt, cheese or milk.

Ditch the driving

Our dependence on cars is having a major impact on climate change, not to mention our health. Cars fuelled by gasoline or diesel are reliant on fossil fuels. The emissions from these fuels not only contain greenhouse gases, but they also pollute the air. This has detrimental effects on public health and local wildlife. We need to consider alternatives to driving.

For short journeys, consider walking or cycling whenever you can. It's also cheaper, great for your health and offers the chance for a catch-up with friends or family. Car-sharing schemes or public transportation are both good options for when you need to make longer journeys. You can also consider buying a hybrid or electric car when you plan your next vehicle purchase.

Reduce your consumption to help against climate change

Reducing our consumption is essential in the fight against climate change. Meal-planning can help reduce food waste, whilst batch-cooking saves on energy. When it comes to clothes, toys and electrical appliances, repair rather than replace whenever possible. It is always worth trying to buy secondhand, but think about the packaging of the items you buy and recycle everything that you can. Try to start living green and experience a serene lifestyle that is eco conscious!

Use and protect green spaces

Whether it's the local park or a rain forest, green spaces are essential for life on Earth. Plants and trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, as well as providing a safe habitat for wildlife. You can safeguard green spaces by using them and also by getting involved with local campaigns to protect, re-wild and even expand natural areas.

Make your home more energy efficient

Using less energy at home won't just mean a reduction in greenhouse emissions, it will also cut the cost of your bills. Consider reducing the temperature on your thermostat, and even keeping the heating off completely at the start and end of winter. When the cold weather comes, wear extra layers and use blankets and hot water bottles to stay warm.

You should also avoid heating rooms that aren't being used, switch to a water-efficient shower-head and replace bulbs with low-energy or LED options. Consider making some big changes to your home as well, for maximum energy efficiency. This includes the installation of solar panels, double-glazing and improved insulation. Also, check with your energy supplier that are on a green or renewable tariff.

Use your voice to fight climate change

Collective and individual voices are key to winning the fight against climate change. Lobby big businesses, write to local politicians and petition federal government. Use the power of social media to communicate your message. Why not join with the grassroots organizations that are already working hard to stop climate change? Two further ways to fight climate change include talking to friends and families about the positive changes you've made in your own life. Another is to make yourself heard in the way you spend your money. You can do this by investing responsibly and buying eco-friendly products. From cutting back on meat to turning down the thermostat, are vital to fighting climate change. Don't forget that even minor changes can make a big difference.

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