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Nicotine Pouches Could Provide the Support Smokers Need to Kick the Habit


Nicotine may not be the bad apple we believed it was, but cigarettes are firmly on the way out, as users and scientists look for better ways to indulge.

In recent years, cigarettes and other forms of tobacco products have seen their empire fall. The fatal habit that was normal to engage in at home, on airplanes, and even in hospitals has been slowly weeded out of our daily lives, because as someone once put it “cigarettes are the only substance that, when used as directed, will kill you.” While Western society has a number of recreational substances that when abused could potentially turn fatal, cigarettes and tobacco products are the ones that we just keep turning back to.

Possibly because they’re just so difficult to quit. Despite the nicotine stains, bad breath, horrific smell, and (now) nearly impossible habit to publically indulge in, we still seem to struggle to give up the smoke. Which is why many are looking towards smokeless and tobacco free products to get that nicotine fix, without all the nasty side effects. If this sounds like your struggle, nicotine pouches could be the next best thing, and you may just want to try it out.

New Ways to Play

Nicotine is truly a fascinating drug, one that any ex-smoker can attest to. Which may be why the nicotine alternatives market is expanding at such a rapid rate. But more than just for those of us that indulge in the dark side, even scientists and researchers believe in the prowess of this amazing agonist.

Finding that the chemical plays a key role in mood regulation and attention span, acting as a stimulant and anxiolytic (drug that reduces anxiety). With a number of beneficial applications, finding ways to introduce nicotine into the body without throwing in harmful additives like tar and formaldehyde, is truly the future we’re ready for.


Tobacco-Free Pouches and Snus

What really sets nicotine pouches apart is how they are made and how they introduce nicotine into our bodies. Nicotine, the main ingredient in cigarettes and tobacco products that our bodies crave, is ever present in a number of different applications that don’t involve smoking it. In fact, you can even find the chemical in a number of foods we commonly eat, and medications we rely on.

Which suggests that the chemical itself isn’t necessarily dangerous, instead the concentrations and administration methods (i.e. smoking) are the culprits behind many of the adverse side effects that are linked to its use. Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer doesn’t consider nicotine itself to be a carcinogen.

So it stands to reason that if we can find a way to better dispense one of the worlds favorite recreational drugs, that we may just be able to indulge while living a long and healthy life. Which is where development has started to focus its efforts. Nicotine pouches, snus, vape pens, and a number of other low impact delivery methods have been created in hopes that we can not only provide a healthier option, but also a way to ease the difficulty of quitting cigarettes.

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