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Nicotine Addict? Switch to Vaping
& Travel Everywhere

Being addicted to nicotine is no fun – anyone who is or has been in this situation will testify to that. A big reason why this is so is the constant worry about the cigarettes: when was the last time you had one; when will you get a chance to smoke again; did you bring your pack with you; when will you need to buy another pack/will the pack last through the night (if not, will the place you’re traveling to have your particular brand); did you bring the lighter with you; and so on.

All these worries become even more prominent and distinguished if and when you need to travel abroad. That’s one of the main reasons why more and more people are switching to vaping. After an alarming number of studies indicating that vaping is, in fact, worse than smoking, the thick cloud of scaremongering that’s been surrounding the vaping industry is slowly but surely starting to disappear. One of the advantages of vaping that we’ll try to point out in this article is connected to the fact that traveling is made significantly easier if you switch to vaping.

You Can Vape Almost Anywhere These Days

Many countries across the globe are banning smoking in closed or public places. This has been a growing trend that’s making life a lot harder for those who still smoke regular cigarettes. So, getting your preferred nicotine dosage has become more and more stressful, and that’s why people are constantly trying to develop new ways to get around these bans on smoking, especially when they travel.

For instance, Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden are the ones where snus has become increasingly popular among various age groups, due to strict smoking regulations. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product, which is placed in the upper lip and has been around since the early 18th century.

But, most of us are turning to vaping nowadays since there are so many advantages over regular smoking. The fact that you can customize almost anything (starting from the amount of vapour and nicotine that’s coming out of your device, and all the way to the different flavors that are available to consumers) gives you a much-needed certainty that your smoking experience won’t be jeopardized, even if you’re traveling someplace else.

Buying the Right Vaping Accessories is Key to Having a Good Time While You’re Abroad

While we’re on the subject of jeopardized vaping experience, we should also point out the importance of buying the right vaping accessories. Your holiday abroad is hardly going to be a breeze if you don’t make sure that you purchase some of the best vapour starter kits available on the market. Like with any growing industry, people are still trying to digest all the information and determine what’s good for them, and what’s not.

When we say that you should buy the right vaping accessories for your travel, the first and foremost thing we mean to say is that you need to purchase the right e-cigarette/device. The next thing you want to make sure is that you have sufficient vape juice because you surely don’t want to run around in a foreign country, trying to find your favorite brand and flavor.

After you’ve made sure that you have both the right device and vape juice, it’s time to think about some extra batteries. These are true life-savior in those situations where you can’t recharge. You don’t want to miss out any moments because you had to wait until your batteries are full.

Make Sure That the Products are Packed Properly

Your vaping accessories need to be packed properly, especially if you’re traveling by plane. All the vaping products should be packed separately, in a carry-on clear bag. You should also remember not to carry large volumes of e-liquid in one container, so opt for traveling with small volumes instead, just to be sure. Some airport security agencies are strict on these matters, so you don’t want to risk anything here.

On top of this, it’s also strongly advised to dismantle your device/vape pen/e-cigarette, when traveling abroad. If you fail to do this, you won’t ensure that all of the components are safe in-flight. Another advantage of dismantling is the fact that you’ll probably have a much easier time explaining to the security, and you’ll also have a full battery when you arrive at your destination of choice. More and more vaping kits that are now available on the market are made for such purposes: dismantling and assembling everything back takes only a few minutes.

Comply With All the Laws and Regulations

This is something which you must definitely do if you want to truly enjoy your holiday. Staying on the safe side of the law is paramount. That’s why you mustn’t vape once you’re aboard the plane, first of all. Some people are making a huge risk, by sneaking into the toilet for a quick vaping session, but we strongly discourage you to do this. There are legal actions that can be taken against you, so you need to be cautious in this regard.

The same advice should be followed even when you arrive in a foreign country where you’ll have your vacation. Although you’ll be allowed to vape in most places, we still recommend you to check the laws and regulations of a particular country you’re going to. It’s better to be well informed in advance and not break any laws than to potentially ruin your holiday trip by doing something that’s illegal.

The Bottom Line

It’s paramount that more and more people become knowledgeable about vaping and all the benefits it has over regular smoking. One of those advantages is connected to the fact that your travels abroad will be made much easier if you make the big switch from smoking to vaping. You should also expect some glances while you enjoy your favorite vapor, but it’s crucial that we all help spread the message about why anyone who vapes is in a more favorable position.

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