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5 Embarrassing Health Problems You Should Never Ignore

By Nicola Anderson

In an era in which we increasingly expect perfection, it is even more difficult to admit that we are so far from perfect that we have penis eczema, jock itch or genital warts. However, despite the fact that some health problems are embarrassing to discuss, and it is even more embarrassing to actually reveal it to a health professional, some simply must not be ignored. Below is a list of five embarrassing health problems that you should never ignore.

Unexplained lumps
Though there are numerous awareness campaigns encouraging women and men to check their breasts and testicles regularly, it is still something of a taboo subject to discuss it. Even the most confident person may find it difficult to visit a medical professional and calmly say: ‘Doctor, I think I have a lump on my breast.’ However, be reassured that doctors are used to this, they will see this kind of thing every day, and that it is better to be safe than sorry. It may be a benign hydrocele in the case of men, or something equally benign for a woman, but you should not under any circumstances ignore this possible warning sign for cancer, though the likelihood of this is quite rare.

Fecal or Urinary Incontinence
Possibly one of the most embarrassing issues that a person can face is incontinence, whether this is urinary (inability to hold in your pee), or fecal (inability to hold in a number 2). Though in most cases this will not be life-threatening, it can have a profound effect on your quality of life, your relationships and your social life, due to the fact that you may not be able to stray too far from the nearest toilet without fear of embarrassment. Experts suggest Kegal exercises, increased fibre in your diet or visiting your doctor, who may screen for issues such as Crohn’s disease, or even Cancer.

STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are very common. Millions of people suffer from them every year, and due to their taboo nature, many ignore them. This is understandable, as it is something that is difficult to bring up, and a trip to the doctor may be a little uncomfortable. However, treatment often involves little more than a short course of antibiotics, and STIs can have major long-term consequences, such as infertility in men and women, which is a possible repercussion of chlamydia.

Banana d&*@
The human body is a complex system, as are the genitals. Thus, there is, unfortunately a lot to go wrong: testicular cancer, penis eczema, vaginal itch, vaginismus. The reason you shouldn't ignore these problems is twofold. Firstly, they may in rare cases indicate a more serious problem, in which case it would be wise to see a doctor. Secondly, these conditions could adversely affect your sex life and relationships. It may be difficult to ignite passion with any of these conditions. One example is if your penis bends at a strange angle. This is apparently very common, and up to 5% of men suffer from it. Luckily there is a medical penis stretcher that can provide a home remedy.

Bad Breath
Bad breath, whilst embarrassing, and likely to make you reach for the mints or the breath freshening spray, may seem like a relatively benign thing, something that, apart from putting off a prospective partner or causing some people to question your hygiene, is not a big issue. Halitosis, however, is not something you should ignore. It may indicate poor oral hygiene, dental problems or possibly even a periodontal abscess, which can be serious and even, in rare cases, fatal. In fact, the fashion designer Hugo Boss actually died of a dental abscess.

You may be hoping, and in some cases you may be right, that embarrassing problems may resolve themselves. Then you won’t have to talk about them, visit a doctor, or even acknowledge them, and you can even hide the embarrassment from yourself. However, there are some embarrassing health problems that you should not ignore. Our advice is to swallow your pride and seek advice.

Nicola Anderson is a health writer, specializing in writing about embarrassing and underrepresented physical and mental health problems that affect people from all walks of life, all over the world.

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