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Depression in Students:
a Poor Diet to Blame

new study

Unfortunately, depression isn’t such a rare condition of students’ mental health. A new study says that beside other reasons poor diet may lead to depression...

New Study: Poor Diet Leads to Depression in Students

You’re what you eat, they say. In this case, the difference between vegetarians and meat-eaters becomes absolutely huge. There is no doubt that everything that we eat influences our mood. Some people even turn food into some kind of religion, it becomes the meaning of their entire life. Those people experience massive panic attacks on the plane not because they’re scared to fly, but because they are left with no “chicken or fish choice.”

We have yet another proof that tasty food is one of the reasons to live on this planet. Does chocolate make you happy? If it doesn’t, don’t tell this to anybody, people may actually think you’re a robot. Let’s take a closer look at that chocolate example. Food has a major impact on our mood not only on the psychological, but physiological level as well. One scientific study has even reported that chocolate causes the same hormonal reaction as the feeling of love.

But they can’t serve as one another’s substitutes. Don’t even try. And no matter the beneficial qualities of chocolate, it won’t treat your depression. Even if you eat a ton of that sweet heaven, you still won’t get enough of inspiration in order to write an essay. You don’t need chocolate; you need a good essay writing service! Why would you go into so much trouble, if you have by your side, right?

American Food Invasion

Obviously, scientists have spotted a significant correlation between a diet and depression quite some time ago. What they needed was a deep research to back up the hypothesis. In one of the most well-thought-out studies, conducted involving thousands of pages of statistical data, it has been discovered that people who live in southern Europe started suffering from severe depression during past twenty years or so. What's the reason?

The change in the diet has (American fast food overtake, to be more specific) increased the risk of people being devoured by clinical depression. Now, southern Europeans are half as likely to fall into the arms of this illness. People from such countries as Spain, Italy or Portugal have always been known for their Mediterranean diet which included fish, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, and other traditional foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

The modern diet of those countries was influenced by American pop culture on a grand scale. Burgers, sugary drinks, and high-calorie desserts have become an essential part of a daily nutrition plan for many people in the world, not just in Southern Europe. And scientists are expressing their special concern about students’ diet which rarely crosses the border of a wide range of snack choices. Meanwhile, good food would help the students cope with many challenges of their hectic lifestyles. What is more, you already got stuck in a state of depression, your mind and body would perceive healthy food as one of the most effective treatments.

Good Food to the Rescue!

As we already know, the connection is uncanny, and rich diet is being used as an additional treatment of multiple psychological disorders, anxiety and even PTSD. Soldiers are being prescribed food high in nutritional value in order to ease the symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome disease. On top of that, military services don't stop working on soldiers' diet plan improvement. A specific amount of vitamin D may have a serious positive impact on soldiers’ emotional state and overall wellbeing.

Of course, it’s insane to compare the lifestyle of a student to a soldier who might be risking his life on a daily basis. But the nutrition aspect is being taken rather seriously in super important spheres, so don't you think any student should take a second look at their eating habits?

Pure Science is Talking

Why are research results like these incredibly important for all the students? You need to know for sure that a good diet will not only make you healthier, but it will serve as an additional stress coping mechanism. A state of constant stress (which is probably an unavoidable element of the life of every university survivor) may potentially lead to a mental-health-threatening form of depression. Let’s spice this news up with some science.

Your brain relies on a regular vitamins supply to such an extent that a teeny-tiny lack of them may lead to moodiness, problems with sleep, reduction of stress resistance capacities, and even chronic tiredness syndrome.

A healthy combination of all necessary supplements leads to an effective and constant release of serotonin, a hormone which regulates the level of anxiety. Isn't that the demon that has occupied the head of every other student? We have high hopes that after reading this article, you’ll think twice before choosing snacks for another studying session.

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