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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink and Drive


Every driving school and license regulator in countries over the world warns against drinking and driving. This has been a common message and teaching young drivers waiting to get their driving licenses have been receiving for the last hundred years!

If you want some data to understand why this aspect is so stressed upon, then we are happy to help you with some.

Of the 40000 automobile deaths that take place in the United States every year, nearly 40% of those are because of drunk drivers! Estimates suggest that more than a hundred thousand people lose their lives to incidents of drunk driving every single year in the world. This is why the role of a DUI attorney is so crucial in representing individuals in these unfortunate circumstances.

In this article, we look at the top five reasons why you should never drink and drive.

List of the Top 5 Reasons why you should Never Drink and Drive

  1. Drinking slows down your Driving Reflexes and Impairs Judgment-

Alcohol is a chemical composition that has a numbing effect on the body. It greatly reduces your ability to make quick decisions, slows down reflexes, and lowers hand-eye coordination. When it comes to driving, all the things mentioned above are critically important. This is not a myth, rather something that is backed 100% by scientific research, studies, and discovery.

  1. You will never be able to live with the feeling of Injuring someone else-

Many people do not have any regard for their own life. They do not value it and do not waste an opportunity to throw it away. However, such people should think of the impact and repercussions it will have on the lives of someone who is a victim of your drinking and driving. The guilt of living with the same will be too much for you to handle for the rest of your life.

  1. DUI Cases are Very Expensive and the Compensation can Bankrupt you-

First things first, DUI cases drag on for a very long period of time. Secondly, the amount of compensation is so great that you will have to compensate the aggrieved with all your earnings. are DR 10 Insurance specialists that can help you in terms of drinking and driving insurance that will be able to help you deal with the monetary aspects.

  1. Nothing is So Urgent that you Need to Drink and Drive-

With so many app-cab aggregator platforms in nearly every country of the world, there is simply no need to drink and drive. In fact, according to road safety experts, nothing is so important that you will have to take up the steering wheel when you are not in your right senses. It is always important to explore all the options rather than take the initiative of driving.

  1. The Legal Punishments will make you and your family suffer-

Last but by no means the least, if you are caught drinking and driving, you stand to be incriminated in length criminal charges. You are looking at anything from financial fines and penalties to revocation of your driving license permanently. If you have caused someone a physical injury that has led to death, you are looking at multiple years in the cellar!

Drinking and Driving Cases have Repercussions for your Future

You need to think about your future and use that as a driving force to never drink and drive. Imagine what your family will have to go through. Many individuals who have suffered prison terms because of drinking and driving cases point to the fact that they have not been able to get proper jobs to post their sentencing.

There are multiple countries around the world where you cannot enter if you have ever faced a lawsuit for drinking and driving. If you were already working, getting convicted for such an offense will result in you losing your job.

In other words, drinking and driving will alter your life in ways you had never imagined.

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