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Life after Medicine with Glyconutrients

By Brian C. Netherton

I would like to draw your attention to some Natural Health Products that have been extremely beneficial for me. I have been taking Glyconutrients for several years... not only do I feel the healthiest I have ever been but these products have even stimulated the regrowth of my hair - that's a bonus in itself! I work with a Research and Development Company that provides these natural plant based foods. Glyco is the Greek word for sugar.

The immune system is a composite of many types of cells if functioning properly, communicate meaningful information to one another through a language written in carbohydrates (saccharides) on cell surfaces. Various saccharides bind to cell surface proteins to create the many different shapes of glycoprotein " words" that healthy cells "say" to one another in the process of keeping us healthy. This cellular communication is the means by which myriad events in the immune cascade are orchestrated. A properly functioning immune system helps keep us healthy.

In the last decade scientists have discovered that on every living cell, of which we have something like 600 trillion in our bodies. Of the 200 monosaccharides occurring naturally in plants, eight have been shown to be components in human cell-surface glycoforms (Murray, 1996). These saccharides are provided by the food we eat, but for a variety of reasons, they may not be available in necessary quantities in a normal, modern diet. While the body can manufacture all eight of these monosaccharides from other dietary saccharides, the conversion process is complicated, taking energy, time and many different enzymes and vitamins. Viruses can interfere with our body's ability to make the conversions. People who have health issues or have genetic errors of metabolism may be especially vulnerable to a breakdown in this process. There have been Four Nobel Prizes awarded in the field of glycobiology.

I have personally worked with people with serious health issues such as Strokes and Diabetes and seen marked improvement, and they have got their lives back together in a very short time. Unfortunately with the food we eat today, which looks great but it is almost nutritionally empty such as fast foods, our environment and the lifestyle we live in, is putting us under massive stress resulting in increased diseases. This is where Mother Nature can help through Glyconutrients.

We provide scientifically proven food supplements that put back what's missing and supports the bodies ability to protect, defend and repair on a cellular level. Today of these eight sugars we need for good health, we are only getting two in our modern diet. Just imagine writing a letter to someone you love and you leave out vital consonants. Would your love ones be able to read between the lines? I don't think so, do you? Well, this is what's happening to the cells in our bodies, they cannot detect whether to defend, repair, support or even destroy other cells they come in contact with. Due to the lack of these missing six essential sugars.

In the last couple of issues of Cultivate Life!, the subject of ADHD has been mentioned. I know of children suffering with ADHD and through taking glyconutrients, and the effect of taking glyconutrients, they have a better quality of life, and are now enjoying life. I have seen testimonials to prove this. I would by happy to talk to anyone who has health issues and would show him or her how to get hold of the purest form of these Natural Health Food Supplements. You could call me on UK (0)1752 564966 or you can e-mail me on

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