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How Needleless Acupuncture Helps People
Overcome Anxiety and Tension

Anxiety and stress affect billions of people globally. The condition develops due to a person having too much worry in their life. In turn, stress, anxiety, and related disorders will affect an individual's everyday living. However, there are virus treatments to consider when suffering such conditions or for someone you care about. It may involve taking medications or therapy sessions to tackle the problem. Most of the time, it may require both to complement each other to aid the patient’s total recovery. The needleless acupuncture technique can help in overcoming anxiety and depression in inpatients. The modern method of healing in electroacupuncture is an effective and safe way of treating patients. Unlike the old way of creating pressure on the body using needles, it does not use such equipment.

A Historical View

Ancient cultures used to believe in the power of the body to heal itself. The practitioner would trigger body regeneration by focusing on the flow of energy between the body. It targets the brain and the spine to help in body healing and general wellness. In the modern world, the treatment is different from the ancient practice. Needleless acupuncture utilizes the skills of a chiropractor to create pressure on target points to trigger a body reaction.

How it Works

Chiropractors use an electrode to make the same impact as needles would. Whenever a person is experiencing stress, there is a transmission of energy through the body. Therefore, when a specialist uses the electrode to create pressure, it cuts the communication to the brain. The nervous system relaxes and fights the stress or anxiety a patient is experiencing. Unlike the ancient acupuncture of using needles, this technique is much faster. It takes less than half an hour to undergo one therapy session, which is much lower than the previous method.

The chiropractor assesses the body of patients before undertaking needleless acupuncture. The move aims at identifying the ideal points to insert the pressure. When the chiropractor determines an appropriate point, they lace two needles. They insert one on the area and another close to it. Connecting the points to electrodes utilizes a piece of specialized equipment to create pressure on the body. The specialists will adjust the settings depending on the intensity of treatment. However, they will start with a light frequency and switch it up as the treatment progresses.

The Benefits

The treatment is new, and there is continuing research on its benefits. However, it is effective in offering relief to anxiety and tension. Other common conditions that chiropractors can treat using the electroacupuncture method are chronic pain and arthritis. Medical practitioners can attest to the benefits of using the needleless acupuncture method to treat anxiety and tension. Since the patient is already experiencing challenges, the treatment is less painful, thus making it an effective treatment for every person. 


Needleless acupuncture is a safe treatment and therapy for people with stress. A patient feels better when the energy from the nervous system to the brain balances.

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