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Needak’s Eight Reasons That You Want
to Exercise and Eat Right


If the latest infomercials (which you can find in almost every advertisement that pops up on you while searching for that cheap airplane ticket) and magazine covers are any types of indication, it may seem like weight loss is an issue that is on everyone's minds these days. And while this may very well not be an unreasonable goal, when it comes to eating right and exercising using a Needak rebounder, just looking good for goodness sakes is not the end goal you should be after; in other words, it shouldn’t be the sole focus.

When you start to think of all the reasons to eat well and right, you come to realize that aside from just making other people think highly of you (which shouldn’t be a reason) it is a great way to improve your overall life and health.

In this article, we will be discussing eight reasons why you should eat right as well as exercise on a daily basis. You will be amazed at how much your life will improve and do so in a significant way.

Needak’s eight reasons that you want to exercise and eat right...

  1. Exercising Works as an Antidepressant (no hyperbole)
    Whether you suffer from the anxiety or have chronic depression (which is a mental and emotional disease), the blues, feeling sorry for yourself, will make things in life feel so much harder and so much more saddening. Antidepressant medications have been somewhat of a godsend for many people. However, in one study researchers have discovered that depression sufferers who did aerobic exercise, like jogging and swimming (with swimming being incredibly beneficial) revealed that these exercises are just as powerful and beneficial as taking the antidepressant medication.

    It has been shown that after four months, around 60 to 70 percent of the subjects could no longer even be classified as having depression. This is amazing as depression itself is on a massive increase in the States at the moment.

  2. It Reduces Stress as Well as Anxiety
    To piggyback off of the last entry - exercising can help to combat stress anxiety. Working out is one of the quickest and more effective ways to clear cortisol; cortisol is the stress hormone. When this hormone comes out of your system, it has the potential to calm you down and free you from that frantic mindset you may be feeling at that moment. There is also new research that is pointing to the fact that desserts like ice cream or other “comfort foods” will not have much of an impact on your stress levels.
  3. Exercising Helps to Boost Creativity
    This is especially true for me. As a writer, I get my bouts of writers block once in a while. However, what I have come to learn and what I have experienced myself is that just giving myself half an hour or an hour to go jogging or swimming, I would go back to my work and be much more focused and much more engaged in my work.

    My creative mind would be much more active as a result of engaging in that brief bit of exercise, and this is true because there is more blood flow that happens once I start to exercise, and that blood flow goes to your brain as well as your body.

  4. Exercising and Eating Right Helps to Strengthen Your Heart
    Cardio exercises are great for improving your overall heart, and this is because exercising increases and improves your total blood flow. In a very extensive report which was published by the American Heart Association, it was shown that exercising helps to strengthen your heart muscle. In addition to that, it also helps to reduce your risk of heart diseases as well as other related conditions.
  5. Exercising Helps You Resist Temptation
    Have you ever heard of a "runner's high"? Well, it is not called a runner's high for nothing! If you are addicted to sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, porn or even heroin, it has been shown that exercising can play a significant role in helping you resist your substance dependency of choice.

    There was a study, where scientists discovered that the endorphin rush released while exercising acts on the same neural pathways as addictive substances.

    Why this is salient is because the same addictive attitudes that you once had to use drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or porn are now being rewritten to do something more beneficial for your overall health.

  6. Exercising Protects Your Eyes
    For many people who spend their life behind a laptop, if you are an online marketer or writer, then you know how strenuous it can be on your eyes. But there has been recent research that has been shown that reveals one of the best ways to protect your eyes as well as stave off age-related vision loss is to engage in cardiovascular exercise regularly.
  7. Exercising Adds Years to Your Life
    It is well documented that exercising will add more years to your life as well as keep your body younger. People who engage in regular exercises live longer. Researchers have shown that you can add upward to seven years to your life by exercising a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week; that is only three days out of the week, and this is regardless of what you weigh.

    So there is NO EXCUSE.

  8. Exercising Improves Your Self-Esteem
    Having a body that is in shape will have a monumental impact on your self-esteem. Scientific research also adds that it also makes you feel better about yourselves on the inside. In one analysis research in regards to the subject, exercisers report higher self-esteem.

There are many more reasons that you should consider getting in shape as well as eating healthily. The reasons we have listed are just scraping the surface of living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to change your life for the better, then you don’t need to hit the gym right away but just going for a jog regularly will have a significant effect on your health.

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