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Everything You Need to Know About Vaping


If you are one of the millions of people trying to quit smoking, then you have probably considered alternatives like vaping. About 7 of every 10 smoker wants to kick the habit after knowing the adverse health effects that it causes. Smoking harms most of the major organs in the body and results to a third of deaths from heart attacks due to both firsthand and secondhand smoke. While quitting smoking might be one of the best things you can do for your body, it is also one of the hardest. Research suggest that nicotine addiction has almost the same pull as addiction from heroin and other similar drugs. This is the reason why people turn to smoking alternatives that can ease out the addiction by slowly limiting the consumption. People turn to vaping prevention to try to kick out the habit.

There are many ways that you can curb your smoking habits. Some include nicotine patches, nicotine gums, and as already mentioned, vaping. There are questions however if these methods are indeed less harmful, if at all, than smoking tobacco cigarettes. And what of the success of recovering from the dependency in tobacco? This article will try to answer questions surrounding vaping by stating the truths about vaping and its relation to old smoking habits.

Vaping is less harmful to your body than smoking.

It is a known fact that E cigarette will expose the body to fewer toxic substances than that of the traditional tobacco cigarette. While there are at least 7000 different toxins that goes into your body when you light up a cigarette, vaping works by heating nicotine and combining it with harmless flavors, thus limiting exposure to any more of the unwanted chemicals. There is however still some confusion to what exactly goes into an e-cigarette but would still be less harmful to your body than smoking cigarettes. You can find many vape liquid flavors that will fit your needs.

Vaping will, and always will be, bad for you.

If you decide to do vaping to limit your cigarette consumption, you might be faced with another problem in the future and that is vaping prevention. While less worse for you than the traditional tobacco cigarette, the same agent that makes cigarettes addictive is still present in vaping. This agent is the nicotine which is present in both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. It is extremely addictive and will make you helplessly crave for a puff whenever you decide to stop smoking. While obviously to a lesser degree, nicotine is a toxic substance and should not be taken in by anyone for any reason. It makes your blood pressure spike up which could in turn damage internal organs such as the kidney that could lead to kidney failure. It will also mess up your blood circulation and put a burden to your heart and later potentially cause a heart attack.

Vaping always includes nicotine as part of the vapor that a smoker inhales into his lungs. This addictive agent, and a host of other unknown chemicals could be part of the vapor that you take in. Doctors always emphasize the need to inform people that vaping is still harmful for the body despite being a better alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Vaping is just as addictive as the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Despite limiting the amount of nicotine being heated in e-cigarettes, it has been observed that both types of smokers suffer from the same level of addiction. In fact, nicotine has been exposed as having the same addiction potential as heroin and cocaine. What is more worrying however is that a market is now opening up for vaping that includes people who are not previously smokers. The vape that they consume can sometimes be laden with more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. These are sold in the market under labels like “extra strength” cartridges.

Vaping is not the best way to rid yourself of the habit.

Since its inception, vaping has always been advertised as a way to limit the health effects among smokers. Some businesses even market vaping as a way to drop smoking altogether. If you think it through however, it is counter-productive for the vaping industry to stop smokers from smoking altogether. Their motive is thus questionable at best. After a while, a big enough sample size have been observed and the results are grim. Smokers who turn to e-cigarettes have been found out to end up smoking in both apparatus.

Vaping is catching on as the latest young generation trend.

Because of the way that it has been marketed, young people felt safer smoking e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. In addition, the lacking knowledge about the effects of smoking e-cigarettes have prevented states from creating laws to regulate the industry. This resulted to a boom of new smokers from the new generation keen to try out the new trend.

There are many reasons why vaping prevention has been difficult especially for younger people. Vaping is considered as hip and less dangerous and thus invalidly casting aside health fears. Because vape is essentially heated up liquid, it allows for more flexible flavors that can then appeal to more audiences. And finally, while smoking cigarettes is becoming more and more expensive as taxes are being piled on unhealthy products, e-cigarettes prices have been stable. It is no surprise that currently, smoking traditional cigarettes is way more expensive than vaping despite having cheaper raw materials than e-cigarettes.


Dangers in e-cigarettes rose from lack of knowledge of what goes in every puff. It seems like the vape industry is not going to go away anytime soon. It is thus high time for the states to act on the matter by casting the same iron fist used to regulate the traditional tobacco cigarette industry. While it is never easy to quit from a crippling addiction, it is no better to swap an unhealthy habit for another one. E-cigarettes may sometimes be less harmful, but it should only be a ladder that will help you get down from addiction.

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