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Things You Need to Know Before Using Marijuana

When you are using marijuana for the first time, the experience can be either excessively intense or disappointing. That is partly due to the fact that every person responds to marijuana differently. However, if you know how to consume marijuana in the right way, you can achieve that perfect balance and have a safe and enjoyable experience. Smoking marijuana is a journey that’s full of learning curves. Here are a few things marijuana virgins need to know before using this weed.

Know Your Strains:

The first thing you should know before accessing legal marijuana is how to choose your strain. The two main types of marijuana are Indica and Sativa. There are numerous strains of marijuana that give different kinds of effects so it’s important to learn which one will better suit you as a first-time weed smoker. It’s a wise move to consult your local budtender and tell him that you haven’t smoked marijuana before so he can recommend a strain best suited for beginners. The main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is the THC, and you would want a strain having an average THC potency, which is about 18 percent.

Know Your Methods of Consumption:

It is generally recommended to avoid using edible products of marijuana or bong to smoke it when you are using marijuana for the first time. That is because it is harder to control the experience when you are inhaling giant puffs of weed. If you are a beginner, joints are the right method of consumption as they offer more control over inhalation. Other than that, you can also opt for a vaporizer which also offers the added benefit of being less harsh on the lungs. The more controlled your inhalation is, the more are your chances of passing a drug test.

Have Plenty of Food and Drinks to Hand:

When you smoke marijuana for the first time, you are not sure how high you will get. You will not want to get up and cook something when you get high. That is why it is important to ensure that you are surrounded by snacks and drinks before you smoke this weed. You can opt for a whole host of amazing treats from donuts and chips to pizza. It’s essential to make sure that you have the right drinks. Do not drink caffeine or alcohol when you are using marijuana for the first time. Water should be your best friend because marijuana can make you feel dehydrated and you can have dry mouth when you wake up after a heavy night.

Be in a Comfortable Place:

It is important to choose a comfortable and secure place to start off with marijuana. It is not a good idea to try weed for the first time with a bunch of strangers as you could end up having a negative experience. Also, it’s better to have a trusted friend with you who has experienced weed-smoking before. The best practice for a first-timer is to try it at home where there is no peer pressure of having more than you are comfortable with.

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