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Everything you Need to Know about Cannabis in Spain


Cannabis has been one of the most controversial topics to talk about in the current age. There have been researches conducted on cannabis which has resulted in mixed opinions. Cannabis is also more commonly known as marijuana. It is a widely used substance for medicines. The drug is used for both recreational and entheogenic purposes.

A lot of countries have different stands for cannabis. Some countries have made it totally legal some have opted otherwise. However, some countries have complex rules for the use of cannabis. Let's take Spain for instance, as Spain has made cannabis legal for personal use. However, it's not allowed to sell cannabis openly on the streets.

Nonetheless, there are various cannabis clubs Barcelona in Spain where it's allowed to consume or smoke cannabis. In this article, we'll be taking you through everything you should know about the legal status of cannabis in Spain. If that sounds Interesting, let us dive right into the topic without wasting any minutes. So, let's start, shall we?

Legal Status of Cannabis in Spain

In Spain, cannabis usage is permitted as long as you follow the guidelines below:

  • if you are an active Cannabis Social Club member.
  • if your monthly cannabis consumption on club property does not exceed 100g.
  • If you do not use marijuana outside.
  • if you do not advocate for marijuana use in public.

In Spain, marijuana has a unique legal position. Barcelona is the best European city for marijuana enthusiasts, and Catalonia might be regarded as the most liberal region in the whole of Europe. Small-scale marijuana growing and possession became legal after a slew of decisions by the Spanish Supreme Court in the 1970s.

The Illegal Factor

Despite its dedication to recreational marijuana, 2022's legalisation is only partial. It is legally forbidden to import, sell, buy, store, use, or consume marijuana or hashish in public. Any amount of cannabis importation and sale is a felony that carries a prison sentence.

According to Article 36, page 18, of the 2015 Citizens' Security Act, the offender who purchases, stores, and consumes drugs in public areas is subject to a punishment ranging from 601 to 30,000 euros and the confiscation of the drugs. Cannabis legalisation for those with medical issues in Barcelona has not been taken into account at the legislative level.

Why is Barcelona the First choice for Cannabis Tourism for So Many?

Due to the unique marijuana culture seen nowhere else in the world, Barcelona is known for its cannabis clubs. The Barcelona Social Club is a secure location where you may unwind in a welcoming setting while legally consuming high-quality cannabis.

Behind the counter, the budtender has a large variety of marijuana strains and forms, as well as related products. A legal cannabis club's selection, sophisticated decor, and recreational possibilities set it apart from an Amsterdam coffee shop: sports broadcasts, DJ performances, live music, etc. This makes Barcelona, a priority for a lot of cannabis tourists and rightly so.

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