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7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Everyday

Boost Your Energy

By Karl Townsend

If your only solution for exhaustion is caffeine, you need a new plan. Coffee and energy drinks might give you a brief boost, but you have to find a more lasting solution. There are much healthier paths to being more alert and excited. These are seven natural ways to boost your energy every day.


Kick off your day with exercise and see what it does for your energy levels. Pushing through a daily workout can get organs in optimal condition. Your heart can pump blood and your brain can receive oxygen like they're supposed to be. Only exercise as much as you can or is recommended by your physician. Companionship can help you to stay motivated. Bring a friend along to the gym and root for one another. Should you be starting to get tired late in the day, try a few jumping jacks. If at any moment in your exercise, you become severely exhausted or sore, stop. You've got keep your body in mind and understand how much of a risk over-exertion can be.

Drink Water

Consume water around the clock in order to keep your mind and body refreshed. Dehydration doesn't just feel unpleasant. It also makes you incredibly fatigued. Drink a cold glass as soon as you wake up. During the day, take regular breaks for water, even if you're only mildly thirsty. More hydration means we can think more clearly and get more out of our days. Turn water into your default beverage, especially when eating meals.


Boost Your Energy

Not drinking caffeine might be hard if you've become so accustomed to coffee. However, you can get your caffeine fill in a much better way. Instead, switch to tea and enjoy the numerous pros. You'll have better stomach function, avoid illness, and possibly reduce your chances of contracting cancer. Part of the fun of being a tea drinker is all the variety you encounter. If you get used to green tea, you might try oolong or black tea. Even the process of pouring the kettle and steeping the tea bag can help give you energy.

Improve Sleep Habits

Very often, low energy can be attributed to poor sleep habits. No amount of caffeine can solve four hours of sleep. You have to discipline yourself to develop a good sleep routine. Quit using your phone in bed or being roped into late-night socializing. If you come home from work exhausted, you might take a nap. Unfortunately, when you need to go to bed for good, you're so rested you can't get tired. You can help yourself get to sleep by taking melatonin supplements. You should also cut yourself off from caffeine as early in the day as possible. If you start to find yourself fatigued, drink some water. Set up a sleep pattern that you know you can follow. Aiming for the same bedtime each night will help you to drift to sleep in no time. When your alarm goes off, you can rise immediately instead of dragging your feet.

Avoid Information Overload

Onslaughts of information can wipe us out, even if we're just sitting at a desk. You want to create a sort of defense system for your energy. This can start by taking a few breaths. Relax your body by first tensing yourself muscles one at a time and release. Then, take a deep breath, as far in through your nose as possible. Follow this with a full release through your mouth. For the first part, imagine that you're smelling something absolutely extraordinary. Then, for the second, imagine you're sighing in absolute relief. You can turn this into a regular meditation practice. Stress is a part of life, but this kind of practice makes you far less vulnerable to it. You can also protect yourself by spending less time on your phone. Not reading upsetting news and getting involved in social media drama can gear your energy towards things that actually matter.

Brain Games

Boost Your Energy

Doing a crossword puzzle or another brain game can help boost your energy. Just going through the motions can be stupefying. Look for things you can do that will challenge you but aren't too hard. If you're learning a new skill, such as foreign language, give yourself regular review sessions. Ask someone like a coworker if they can quiz you. Coming across a solution through concentration doesn't just give you energy. It also gives you the confidence to confront any other problems in your day. When you're trying to solve a dispute with a coworker, learn to see it a solution you're trying to reach, not a problem you're trying to overcome.

Choose the Right Foods

Food is meant to give us energy, but you need to eat the right things to enjoy these benefits. Unhealthy things like fast food burgers might give a brief surge of energy, followed by a crash. Some of your favorite foods are likely on the increased-energy list. Eggs, bananas, dark chocolate, and nuts are great for energy. You don't need to wait for lunchtime either. Keep energy-boosting foods by your desk. If you're feeling sluggish and peckish, a handful of nuts or a square of dark chocolate can really help. Your body can only provide you as much energy as you give it.

Using these natural energy boosters helps a lot. You can stop feeling so easily exhausted and increase your concentration levels. Best of all, you don't have to put your health at risk. Put these methods to use and see just how much more you're able to accomplish.

Author Bio:
Karl Townsend is an IT Consultant by day and webmaster by night. “I’m all about productivity and life hacking. I’m constantly testing new supplements and health products to make myself more productive at work and in my private life. I hope to share some of these tips with my readers.”

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