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Natural Pain Relief that Actually Works

“Natural” pain relief is an exceedingly broad category, often to its own detriment. Being certified as all-natural doesn’t necessarily mean being held to any standards for efficacy, and that means that the market is often saturated by pain relievers that are driven by anecdote and speculation more than by any rigorous scientific process.

But you definitely shouldn’t discount the natural options for pain relief. There are plenty of options that are actually promising, and they’re often inspired by compelling science. TENS might not be what you’d immediately consider when you think the words all-natural - but try it, and you might just find yourself ditching your OTC pain relievers.

What it Does

TENS is an acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. In layman’s terms, that means these devices stimulate the nerves from which the pain response is emitting. While the consensus is still out on the precise particulars, the application of electricity at a safe and properly designated voltage stimulates your nerves on a cellular level.

What it Doesn’t Do

TENS tells your brain to disregard or diminish the pain receptors that are being sent to it, and that means that it doesn’t address the root problem behind your pain. Research into the precise impact of TENS is still early and ongoing, but it’s been deemed a safe form of therapy, and it seems to demonstrate an effective method for minimizing short-term and recurring pain.

How It Should Be Used

For some people, TENS will be an adequate replacement for their existing pain management routine. For others, it’s best used as an accompaniment for existing treatments. Most people can add TENS into their routine without needing to worry too much; but if you have existing conditions or you’re already on a serious treatment method for your pain, you might want to work with your doctor to figure out how to fit TENS into your routine.

TENS in Your Hand

Up until recently, TENS technology was reserved for the offices of professionals. Large machines would be used to handle pain treatment, and that would mean scheduling an appointment for a management session. Since then, we’ve seen the development of at-home versions, and we’ve now reached the point where handheld TENS pens are readily available.

There’s an argument to be made that the amount of research behind TENS’ efficacy doesn’t justify the hassle of getting it performed at a doctor’s office. Having a pen you can carry with you changes the optics entirely. A TENS pen like the Rocket from Hempvana is small enough to fit in your pocket, and it can provide you with the means to stop short-term pain anywhere.

What to Look For

The fundamentals of a TENS pen aren’t that complex, but there are a few basic features and components that can impact the quality of a TENS device. The first thing you absolutely need to look for is a means for adjusting the intensity of the electricity. Different levels of pain will respond to different strengths of electricity, so these settings can really increase versatility.

Additionally, keep an eye out for models that come with multiple different heads. TENS is fundamentally a form of massage, and the different heads give you the means to better tackle different muscle groups effectively.

Portable, reliable, rechargeable, and largely bereft of negative side effects, TENS is clearly an effective way of managing your pain. At the very least, it’s worth taking for a spin if you suffer from recurring pain. That’s especially true if you think of it not as a singular pain relief solution but as just another all-natural method in your larger toolkit.

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