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Do Natural Hair Products Work on Seborrheic Dermatitis

You went to your hair stylist and asked her what you could do about the scalp bumps and even blisters that you might have that are showing up on your head. It feels like band dandruff and sometimes you itch them so badly that they can cause scalp sores or even scabs on your head. What is it and more importantly what can be done. Most hair stylists that have seen this before know that if you go to your family doctor or dermatologist they are going to tell you it is seborrheic dermatitis. In a nutshell seborrheic dermatitis or even eczema can be explained by saying that they are the same symptoms as dandruff but can be worse or more severe but it also is always accompanied by and oily or greasy scalp. It is the sebaceous gland that is located inside the hair follicle that is stimulated and producing too much of the scalp oils which are also called sebum. When this occurs there is a chain reaction that seems to be difficult to get back in control for most.

The 1st thing that a doctor will do is prescribe you an anti fungal or medicinal shampoo that has products that are known to knock back the fungus of the furfur species. These are the most common when it comes to dandruff or sebeorrheic dermatitis. However, over the years it has been proven that the anti fungal drugs that are added to the shampoos do not have a long term affect on the condition and return to a healthy scalp. This is because the overall health of the scalp is not improved. It is better to get the scalp's overall health taken care of and this means getting the scalp to the correct ph which is more acidic just like normal skin. This acidic nature is the way that the fungi are naturally kept away from the hair follicles and penetrating the outter most layer of the delicate skin that is on the scalp. The second thing is to use herbs to melt away the buildup that has occurred not just on the scalp but more importantly that has filled the hair follicles. These are referred to as sebum plugs on the scalp and they can be one of the most damaging things that can occur to prevent healthy hair growth and also the symptoms of itching, flaking, sores and scabs to name a few. The hardened bumps on head can be from the crystallized sebum.

So when looking for the best seborrheic dermatitis shampoos or dandruff treatments make sure to understand that there is a process to remove the buildup as well as to restore the correct ph of the scalp skin. Both of these will help with a long term resolution to many different scalp conditions. Herbal Complexes such as Zincplex uses herbs and minerals to help breakdown the buildup on the scalp as well as down inside the hair follicles. The shampoos are ph corrected for creating the correct ph on the scalp and finally zinc pca is used to get rid of excess scalp fungus and bacteria as well as yeast such as candida.

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