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6 Myths Vs. Facts About Vaping You Should Know

Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik is the genius behind the e-cigarette. He invented it in 2003, hoping to provide a more hygienic and safer way to inhale nicotine. Relevant authorities introduced electronic cigarettes to the Chinese market in 2004. The cigarettes then spread to Europe in 2006 and the USA in 2007.

Experts estimate that 35 million individuals worldwide use e-cigarettes, which go by plenty of aliases, including:

  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)
  • E-cigs
  • Vape pens
  • Mods
  • Vapes

While a majority of sites such as KureVapes support geekvape mods, a few are against it. The debate between the two parties has resulted in the spreading of misconceptions and facts about the practice. Which are the myths and facts? The post below has the answers you need:

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the inhaling of vapor that a vaping device, such as an e-cigarette, creates. E-cigarettes are battery-powered smoking tools. They contain cartridges filled with a fluid that normally contains chemicals, nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals.

The liquid heats into a vapor, which the user inhales. Hence, using e-cigarettes as “vaping.”

Benefits of Vaping

If you’re a beginner vaper looking for some valid reasons to vape away, here are some of them:

  • It’s cheaper than smoking.
  • There are plenty of vape flavors.
  • Vapor doesn’t dwell like cigarette smoke.
  • You can vape in places where smoking isn’t allowed.
  • Second-hand vapor isn’t as hazardous as second-hand smoke.
  • E-cigarettes don’t produce chemicals when you inhale them.
  • It has a pleasant odor.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • Vaping is easy to perform.
  • It doesn’t have any leftovers like cigarettes.

Tips on Vaping

Vaping may be simple, but you have to do it the right way to enjoy it and maximize your cannabis or nicotine intake. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Change flavors occasionally.
  • Experiment with PG (Propylene Glycol)/ VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio.
  • Keep your vaping tool clean.
  • Find a suitable vaping gadget.
  • Wait for a while before taking another puff-preferably 15-30 seconds
  • Practice proper hygiene.
  • Preserve your e-liquids properly.
  • Switch and experiment between vaping tools.
  • Find the gadget that matches your aesthetics.
  • If you want to stop smoking, lower nicotine levels slowly.

Common Misconceptions and Facts About Vaping

There’s so much confusion regarding vaping. Here are some of the myths surrounding it as well as the facts:

Myth 1: Manufacturers Introduced e-Juice Flavors to Attract Kids

Though manufacturers obtain some vape flavors from cupcakes and bubblegum flavors, please note that adults love their sweet treats too. Studies reveal that some ex-smokers prefer dessert, sweet, or fruity-flavored e-juices to help them stay away from tobacco.

vaping myth

Myth 2: Passive Vaping is Dangerous to Bystanders

Exposure to passive smoking is hazardous to your health. Hence, governments worldwide have rules legitimizing smoking in enclosed public spaces like workplaces, stadiums, and airports. However, these rules don’t include vaping, and institutions are given the liberty to establish their laws concerning vape applications on their premises.

vaping myth

Myth 3: There’s a Teen Vaping ‘Crisis’

At least 14% of US adults are currently smokers, the lowest rate that investigators have recorded. For vaping, the latest CDC numbers reveal that 20.8% of high school kids have vaped at least once in the last thirty days. However, close to half of those were vaping cannabis instead of nicotine, ordinarily items that individuals procured illegitimately.

This is, no doubt, an issue to address, but not a calamity as the public health officials claim. And, bearing in mind that researchers collected the data before 2015 on vaping overall, specialists can’t statistically conclude a gathering of new data to warrant a catastrophe.

vaping myth

Myth 4: Manufacturers Designed Vaping Products for Young People

This is far from the truth. There’s no proof that this myth is valid. Concerned advertising agencies and authorities see to it that the items are only meant for adults. They also regulate advertising on social sites and television.

Additionally, most websites that have vaping details need visitors to confirm their age before accessing their content. Authorities put these measures to shield the young generation and build a society that knows that vaping is for adults only.

Myth 5: Self-Made Health Agencies Are Combatting Vaping

Recognized health organizations worldwide are supporting vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. Specifically, in the UK, health bodies such as Public Health England, ASH UK, and Cancer Research UK have suggested vaping over smoking.

New Zealand owns “Vaping Facts,” a committed site designed by the government to teach individuals who might want to stop smoking.

Myth 6: No Authorities Control Vaping Items

Relevant authorities approve every vaping item before they are introduced to users. A licensing agency like the Tobacco Products Directive is given the responsibility to control e-juices and vaping tools. Some areas of relevance are The communication of the item to consumers, nicotine ranges, and bottle sizes.

vaping myth


Vaping is a widespread practice that’s garnered more support than criticism over the years. Enthusiasts and scientists alike are working hand in hand to keep the flame burning and, hopefully, attract more people to the magic of vaping. The myths above are some of the most common ones. However, there are many more that need debunking. If you had any doubts about vaping, we believe that you’ve gathered all the information you need. Start vaping today and see what all the positive fuss is about.

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