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Top 5 Myths about Human Health


Health individually is the most important factor for any human, regardless of their age, height, weight or complexion or caste or religion. Yes, health must be given the first priority as compared to other stuffs in one’s life. However, it’s 2019, and we all have got tough lives which lead to a heavy routine, not just for adults, even the school going young ones. Even though we have crossed Manu centuries with the advancement of science and technology, we still have got some myths believed by most of us in the matters of human health.

So, do you believe in myths too? Certainly, the majority of us do but don’t show it, am I right? Well, here we have put together a list of common myths that are often believed by we human creatures!

5 Myths about Human Health

You can simply refer to these below mentioned details and information that are common when it comes to believing and choosing between the myths and facts-

1. To drink 8 glasses of water every day!
Seriously??? If this is a myth, then there are certain associated questions that should be cleared too. Okay, science says that one should drink at least 5 litres of water every day, and especially the amount of water hydration should be increased during the summer season. As according to science, a women must drink minimum 3 litres of water and men must have minimum of 3.5 litres of water or liquid items every day and the quantity should be increased by one or two litres during hot weather. Although, water won’t cause you any harm, so just go on with it!

2. Catching cold in poor/ foggy weather?
That’s a myth again and that was believed during the traditional times. Let me tell you, majority of us work in an air conditioned environment, we all have air conditioners to provide the best cooling affect at our houses, do we catch cold in that way? No, right? Cold and flu are caused by viruses and infections that are contagious! We all have studied in our school and we all know what are microorganisms and bad bacteria! These viruses causes cold and viral problems that makes us totally mad and literally no one can tolerate cold with all those sneezing and tasteless mouth!

3. Cracking joints and arthritis?
Yes, we all do have this particular habit of cracking joints when we are stressed or when we are just bored of our routine. Cracking joints is just fun and of course it does not lead to arthritis for sure. Science says, that cracking joints is just very normal, but how about that crackling sound? It’s nothing, it is just the bubble that breaks when the synovial fluid is released to lubricate our bones. So, no you are not getting arthritis with cracking joints. Just keep doing it and annoy others!

4. Deodorants will cause breast cancer
Is it true? Then I think I am going to be the first victim! Most of us have made these strong smelling or sweet smelling deodorants as our life partner, in fact I have a collection of perfumes and deodorants in my wardrobe! Inevitably, deodorants and fragrant products does have chemicals that can be somewhere allergic or trouble seeking to most of those, but no it doesn’t lead to breast cancer!

5. Are eggs not good for heart?
Why so??? Okay, myths say, eggs have the largest cholesterol as compared to other dishes and can lead to strokes and attacks. But is it even true? Eggs do provide maximum nutrients to your body, and yes eggs do have cholesterol but those are not harmful, those are good ones that supplies maximum protein and vitamins to your bones and muscles, even doctors do suggest eating egg everyday for perfect weight gain!


There are many more myths including the dangers of radio waves that are simply illogical to believe in, especially after it has been proved wrong by science. Just take a look at these above mentioned myths that are not true and yes they are just myths!

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