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Myths vs. Facts For Work Involving Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A smile is how people make their first impression on those they meet. It eludes confidence, friendliness, and the joy that the individual carries in their heart. When someone experiences the loss of a tooth or teeth, it diminishes some of those attributes until the smile is restored, making doing so a priority.

Incorporating adequate artificial replacements can ensure a long-term, even possibly a lifetime solution. It's merely a matter of determining which procedure is the right option for you.

Most people are self-conscious when they experience the loss of a natural tooth and won't discuss the replacement method, leaving questions about artificial teeth, including dental implants, off-limits.

Many misconceptions develop because there's little opportunity to find information from clients who have gone through the experience.

That can create confusion, leaving people hesitant the more the myths gain traction. It's vital to attempt to debunk the myths and learn the facts so people can make more educated decisions concerning their replacement solutions. Find out what you should know about dental implants at, and let's look at some of the myths...

Dental Implants

Debunking Common Dental Implant Rumors

Myths typically get started when individuals only have certain facts about a procedure and sort of fill in the blanks for what they're not clear on. That gets passed to other people who change it up a little until it reaches the last person, and it's sort of a mix of truth and fiction.

That's what happened with a few of the details pertaining to dental implants. Some of the facts got a little bit jumbled and merely need straightening out a bit so those who might be hesitant after the confusion can make a more informed decision. Some of the most common making their rounds include the following:

  • Because the implants have such a high price point, they're not readily accessible to a large audience

Other artificial teeth options would probably cost less if you look at them from the viewpoint of the upfront expense, making these a bit more accessible in the moment.

That would include bridges or dentures. But in reality, the consumer needs to consider what the costs will be throughout the longer term. As far as bridges and dentures, the breakdown over a lifespan includes:

  1. Requiring new ones as soon as every five years, with optimum care, can last up to 15 years.
  2. Maintenance is an ongoing process with expenses for adhesives and fixatives.

The longer you choose to keep these, you will incur more expense. Many people opt for dental implants each year, with millions (according to the AAID) already having them and thousands joining them annually.

Even though the upfront price point will be more significant, dental implants avoid more of the longer-term hassles, social inconvenience, and possible health disadvantages and will last as long as a lifetime.

Dental Implants
  • To be a candidate for implants, you need to have perfect teeth

The facts to answer this myth are that each candidate needs to meet a few basic health requirements in order to qualify for implants. Those with good oral and general health will likely meet the criteria, which includes:

  1. Support for the implant means healthy bone within the jaw
  2. No gum disease; preferably healthy tissue
  3. Loss of a tooth or teeth

For those whose jawbone doesn't quite have the strength to hold the implant, the dentist will perform a bone graft to create a more sturdy structure. While the dental implants might not be the right solution for all people, there is not a long list of criteria that needs to be met.

  • The artificial solution has the potential for damaging the jaw or possibly the gums

Many people are apprehensive by the notion of having a metal post inserted into the jaw and gums. The reason for the procedure, to begin with, was not necessarily the most idyllic situation, whether the loss was a result of decay or a trauma. Approaching the process cautiously is understandable. Read here for more details on the topic of implants.

The thing to remember is that this restorative solution means to protect the mouth by:

  1. Preserving the remaining natural teeth: When you lose a tooth, the natural teeth surrounding that area tend to try to fill that space. Since the implant takes up that area, the other teeth can remain uniform.The suggestion with partial dentures and bridges is that these have the potential for loosening the neighboring teeth with resultant damage.
  1. Bone is preserved: When a tooth is lost, roots are no longer anchoring the bone in that section, so it will start to deteriorate. Implants act as a substitute for those roots maintaining the bone to preserve the face structure.
Dental Implants
  • Implants look fake, and the feel of them is unnatural

There is a great deal of importance placed on the realism of an artificial tooth. These need to mix well with natural teeth to make the ideal smile. And aside from the appearance, you want them to feel natural when talking and chewing food. The implants are as realistic as you can find in artificial pieces.

  1. The implant's crown or tooth element consists of porcelain or ceramic that is created to mimic a natural tooth in color, shape, and appearance.
  2. This solution means acting as a protectant to the jawbone to prevent it from melting away in the same way a tooth's roots would. That means your facial structure will remain intact, as will your smile.
  3. Functionality is comparable to that of natural teeth, plus there's no slippage or noise like you would find when wearing bridges or dentures.

If you were to compare the option of dentures or bridges, implants are hands down the most realistic artificial solution to be found for replacing lost teeth.

In order to ensure you get the best quality and only the highest standards, it's essential to work with a well-established implant center like St George UT Dental Implants. A company with only reputable, trained, and talented staff is the one that can give you back a smile that you've been missing.

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