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8 Myths About Drinking Coffee


When do you like to take your coffee? In the morning, or in the day while at the office, or at night when working on an important project, or at the coffee shop, or you just love making your own? As long as you’re a CO-double F-double E lover, nothing else matters unless the myths about your favorite beverage have hit you. Yes, after cannabis and alcohol, coffee is the most misunderstood type of drug. Let’s explore the eight myths about drinking coffee.

1. Coffee Dehydrates Your Body

According to experts, this coffee myth is the biggest ever. It’s quite okay to include coffee in your fluid intake. People are always asked to drink eight glasses or 8-oz of fluid per day, and it was always thought that coffee should be left out.

However, experts recommend that you should drink coffee in the morning and drink water for the rest of the day. And if you love coffee too much, you should definitely try Lavazza coffee. This one beats all.

2. An Afternoon Drink Causes Insomnia

Coffee is meant to stimulate, but when you drink it after lunchtime, almost the whole of it is flushed out of your body in less than six hours.

There is no reason you shouldn’t drink coffee at 2 pm unless the washrooms are under maintenance and you have nowhere else to pee.

3. Coffee Causes Cancer

Not all facts about cancer are true, including that taking coffee is unhealthy. On the contrary, coffee is among cancer-fighting foods according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, thanks to its antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect your cells and research has shown that coffee decreases the risks of breast, liver, prostate, and melanoma skin cancers.

4. It Helps You Lose Weight

Not everything about coffee is positive. These days, people are advised to watch their weight, but coffee is not one of the solutions to weight loss. The stimulation you get from your cup of coffee affects your metabolism slightly, and that’s it.

Coffee doesn’t make even a micro change in your diet. But it can reduce your appetite. And tastes darn good - unleash your coffee geek and find the best coffee shops around the world... Coffee Geek TV.

5. Coffee is Bad for Your Heart

For healthy people, caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure which you don’t have to worry about. In fact, a cup of coffee brand can help clogged arteries.

If you are a die-hard coffee fan and take much of it, you could develop a tolerance. However, people suffering from high blood pressure should consult their doctors to know if they can take coffee or not.

6. Coffee is Very Addictive

There is some little truth inside. Coffee is addictive, but not as addictive like alcohol or cigarettes.

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, but not as much as cannabis would do. Coffee is not one of those getaway drugs. You might get addicted, but not enough to land you in rehab.

7. Coffee Cures a Hangover

Yes, it does, but it depends. If you have been attending an event, then coffee will really help. If you didn’t get enough sleep and you have a hangover, yes you are right, find that coffee.

However, if you had been draining bottles of alcohol and you want to sober up, sorry for that feeling, but coffee won’t be helpful. There is no use of drinking it.

8. Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Consume Coffee

The caffeine in the coffee can’t hurt a fetus, but expectant mothers should not take more than a cup of coffee a day.

It’s usually said that whatever an expectant mother eats or drinks, a portion of it goes to the fetus. The same applies to coffee, and there is no harm caused to the baby.


No one should take that mug of coffee from you. It seems coffee is way better than you ever thought. In fact, you can increase your intake. Enjoy your coffee!

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