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8 Myths About Candida That Must Be Debunked

Myths About Candida

Candida albicans is a fungal infection that can affect you in myriad ways. It can affect your skin, vagina, etc. In most cases, the reason for this infection is an overgrowth of Candida.

But, don't worry. With the right diet and medication, you can correct things. For more information, check out an ebook on the subject by Eric Bakker.

In this post, we look at the top 8 myths people have about candida that need serious debunking. Let’s take a look -

Candida is a Yeast Infection

The statement is not entirely true. Only partially. The truth is - candida exists as both a fungus and a yeast infection.

It’s the former that causes all kinds of problems. In fungal form - it relates to more than 125 conditions and illnesses. Its yeast form is actually the healthiest one. It's the one you want to preserve. Focus on killing the fungus one.

Men Do No Get Yeast Infections

It’s true that most yeast infections appear commonly in women. But, it doesn't mean that men can’t get them; although a majority of them won’t exhibit any symptoms. It’s still a good practice to refrain from having sex until your doctor has given you a green signal.

During a yeast infection, sex can be uncomfortable as the vagina is having a harder time lubricating itself due to the underlying inflammation. There’s a chance that your partner could get the infection too. If he does, he might develop symptoms like redness, itchy rashes, and white spots on his genitals.

The candida diet will improve symptoms of fatigue, skin and nail fungal infection

It’s possible that a well-planned candida diet might inevitably help with other symptoms like nail fungus, skin infection, and fatigue. However, you should know that many of these symptoms are rooted not just in candida overgrowth but in some other cause.

The good thing is, the candida diet stops feeding the candida overgrowth. However, it alone may not work on all of these symptoms.

Most nail infections happen due to dermatophytes fungus. Some people do get candida nail infections but they are rare. They mostly affect people with vascular diseases. In most cases, candida is used as a scapegoat for issues arising due to something else entirely.

Only Immune Compromised People Get Candida

This is another classic and frequent response you’re likely to get from a lot of doctors. They might say that ‘only those with a poor immune system get a yeast infection so you don’t have to bother about anything’. But, that statement is only half true.

Many things contribute to candida overgrowth. Some of the commonest are stress, antibiotics, and a sugary diet. Often these triggers work in combination. Together they can alter the gut microbiome creating the perfect environment for pathogens like Candida Albicans to take over.

Oxygen kills Candida

Another common myth is that oxygen can smother this pathogen. The truth is, candida can survive in both an oxygen-poor and an oxygen-rich environment. There’s a reason why it’s called a ‘facultative’ anaerobe.

Candida albicans can even generate oxygen of its own which goes on killing the neighboring bacteria so that there's more room for it to grow and spread. It’s because of this that the human immune cells have difficulty eliminating candida with the oxygen it does get.

Only Drugs Can Eliminate Candida

Relying only on drugs or candida cleanse or a certain kind of diet may not be a good strategy. You may have to consider everything to effectively get rid of this infection. In many cases, some drugs could result in an overgrowth of superbugs that are resistant to drugs and antibiotics.

Many antifungal creams and drugs may even weaken your immune system thus leading to more diseases and sickness. What’s more, killing candida with drugs leads to the release of a certain substance by the dead candida cells. This can weaken our immune cells as it is left with more debris to clean up.

It, therefore, makes sense to choose natural and safe methods (other than medication) for best results.

Foods like Bread and Beer Cause this Infection

It’s not unheard of that food like bread and beer can cause yeast infection. Indeed, the yeast they use in baking bread and brewing beer is not entirely different from the infection-causing yeast. However, some carbohydrates that are found in both can also feed the yeast. Consuming too many carb-rich foods could pose a lot of health problems. However, the root of it all is not entirely from consuming baked goods or beer itself.

Garlic will Treat Candida Infection

Make no mistake! Garlic does carry powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s good for a lot of things such as preventing colds, etc. However, if you are relying only on garlic for preventing yeast and fungal infections like candidiasis, then you’re not heading anywhere. In the end, you will have to visit your doctor and go to the drugstore.

Treating candida requires a dynamic approach. But, solely relying on home remedies and species is not a good approach.

Bottom Line

With so much information and misinformation around us, it’s understandable that some myths are bound to arise around candida now and then. Hopefully, this post helped shed light on some of those.

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