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What Kind of Music Relieves Stress?

A piano with a sheet of classical music, an answer to what kind of music relieves stress?

Classical music is known to help with reducing stress, and improving mood and brain functions.

Music is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Today, people live fast-paced lives, and from time to time, you must find a way to relax. However, discussing what kind of music relieves stress is not as simple as it may seem. Most of all, because everyone has a different perspective when it comes to what they like and dislike. Nevertheless, there are some general factors to music that help relieve stress.

Before our further proceedings, checking Instrument Insight can be very beneficial as they have covered some very informative insights about musical instruments that you will need as a starting point of relieving stress through music anyways.

How music affects the brain?

Researching the connection between music and the brain gave huge results. It is proven that sound affects all parts of the brain. It improves the mood, makes a person happier, healthier, smarter, and more productive. There is a whole new branch called neuromusicology, that further researches how can we use music to help people. That positive approach has a bright future ahead.

Furthermore, music can also improve auditory skills, cognitive flexibility, and working memory. When studying the brain of musicians, it was proven that they have larger areas of the brain which are in charge of motor control, spatial coordination, and auditory processing. Also, the corpus callosum is also larger. That is a group of nerves that connects both brain hemispheres.

Since all of us listen to music on a daily basis, it also positively affects us as well. Even if we are not musicians.

How music affects the mood?

Not only that the music improves our emotional intelligence, but it also affects our mood. That is why music was researched and used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years.

It is a fact that people often listen to music that corresponds to how they feel at the moment. If they are sad or going through a hard time, people like to listen to sad songs. At the same time, happy people like to listen to happy songs.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but it is still a good starting point in treating people with music. Because songs can affect our mood, they can tell us a lot about the emotional state of a person.

People can use songs to motivate themselves, wake up, reduce anxiety, stress, or simply to raise the energy level in the body.

It has been scientifically proven that music has a calming effect on human beings. In fact, studies have also shown how animals react favourably to certain sounds. As a musician that is looking to get soundcloud downloads, or YouTube engagements, or to find the best sites to buy Spotify plays, you need to understand the tastes and preferences of audiences and create music accordingly.

How music reduces stress?

So, now that we know how music affects our brain and mood, let's see the technical details behind the process of reducing stress. When it connects with the automatic nervous system, music "communicates" with blood pressure, heartbeat, and different brain functions.

Since the nervous system responds to threats by releasing cortisol and adrenaline, music helps it to reduce the process by relaxing your body and mind. Simultaneously, it reduces levels of stress.

Increased stress levels can:

  • affect your heart
  • produce anxiety
  • cause depression
  • cause asthma

Furthermore, they can cause gastrointestinal problems, and weight issues. Even though music cannot treat or cure these illnesses, it can greatly help people to relax, and reduce the symptoms.

What kind of music relieves stress?

After talking a little about some of the problems caused by stressful situations, and how music can help to deal with it, let's see what kind of music relieves stress.

As I mentioned at the beginning, not all people listen to the same type of music. For example, someone might feel relaxed while listening to blues, rock, or even metal music. For others, that type of music can only increase stress because they are not used to it.

At the same time, studies show that different tones also play an important role in relieving stress.

Modern music

Since we live in a modern era, everyone listens to new, modern types of music. With so many genres out there, the music is becoming more and more diverse. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that liking a song does not mean that it will reduce stress.

Since songs affect our mood, they can produce multiple feelings at the same time. That's why modern music is not the best solution when it comes to relieving stress.

Classical music

On another note, classic music is perfect for relieving stress. First of all, classical music does not have lyrics. Whether you like it or not, songs usually send subconscious messages to our brains. Lyrics carry a message that could be completely different from what you need to relax. And, often words and tones in a song do not create the same feeling.

After silence, classical music is the next best thing for reducing stress levels.

Because there are no words, you must actively listen to music, and try to understand it. Processing sound alone requires higher brain functions than processing spoken words. Classical music is a complete mystery for the majority of people. And, because they don't understand the meaning behind it, they avoid listening to it.

However, that "mystery" is exactly what our brain needs. It can be interpreted in many ways, and every person will find the meaning they need.

If you have never listened to classical music, you can start with small steps. Find an instrument that you like, and start exploring. Once you get comfortable, you can experiment with different musicians and compositions.

Practicing music

Besides listening to music, you can also play an instrument. That activity increases brain functions. Sure, it costs money, but it is worth it in the long run. And, you can find good instruments at affordable prices.

If you have any concerns regarding heavier instruments, like a piano, that shouldn't be a problem. You can find good pianos at prices that match your budget. Also, there are plenty of piano teachers out there. It is also possible to transport your instruments with ease if at any time you decide to change your location. Wherever you go, the music will follow you!

Music is a necessity in our lives!

I hope that you now understand what kind of music relieves stress. Not only that, but it is crucial to understand that music is necessary for everyone. It plays a crucial role in our development and growth, both mentally and physically. If you listen to music every day for an amount of time, your life will be a lot better!

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