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The Two of You - Abuse of Power and Your Health

By Terry Mullenbach

A thought came to me one day while I was exercising on my stationary bike. The idea or thought was that our body is a separate entity from the person we call Self. Most of us think our human body is who we are, but the body is separate and controlled by the being we call Self. The Self uses the body as vehicle to function on the physical place called Earth.

Being an average Joe I do not have the answer to where the Self is located. The Self could be located in our heart or maybe in the aura that surrounds the body. No matter where the Self exists I think it is important to believe it is separate from our physical body. When you separate yourself from your body you create the need for partnership, communication, awareness and interaction. My logic with this separation is that it will allow us to better control our treatment of our body. Let's take for example that we were having some anxiety issues and there is a piece of chocolate cake on the table. The Self does not like feeling anxious and wants to get its attention off this feeling by having the body eat the piece of chocolate cake. The cake tastes good and the Self will obtain pleasure and a diversion from the feeling of anxiety by eating the cake. The cake was a short temporary distraction and slowly the anxious feelings creep back into the Self. The Body on the other hand was forced to eat something that was not good for it and on top of that it had no say in the matter. You can see how this idea of Self and Body being one allows for the mistreatment of the body.

The word relationship comes up a lot in conversations with others these days. It seems there are people in bad relationships or people seeking the perfect relationship. The interesting thing is we were all born into a relationship from day one. Who is closest to you? Who is your partner in life? Who listens to you and does everything you ask. Who offers unconditional love? Who is your best friend, there to see you through thick and thin? Yep! It's your Body. Look at most people today and you see a one sided or out of balance relationship. You can see that the Self is in complete control and has no awareness, respect or consideration for the Body.

Power and its misuse is another area of conversation these days. We know the government is guilty of abuse of power, but of course we would never misuse our power. I would venture to say we have all abused our power over our body untold times. What better place to dump our ego driven emotions than into our body. An Egyptian slave probably had a kinder master than our body has. We are in control of the slave Body so we drown it in alcohol, give it no sleep, feed it junk worthless food, wear it out with hard labor, stuff it full of food until it is ready to pop, weigh it down with so much weight it can hardly move, medicate it into silence so we don't hear its pain and pleas for help and these are just a few of the many forms of abuse people endure upon their Body. Wow! We may not have power over others, but we sure do when it comes to our Body. A little power goes a long way and it sure is easy to abuse it.

Now it would appear the Self has complete mastery and control over the Body, but that is not totally true. The Body is a good slave and can take a lot of abuse, but there comes a point where it can't tolerate the abuse any longer and starts to die. The Self sees the body having problems and starts blaming everyone and everything for this condition. When your Body gives up and stops running well the joy ride is over. Guess what? When the Body gives its last gasp you don't have a ride anymore. The Body may be the slave, but in the end it has the final say. The Self would like to hang around and get more of the earthly experience, but it has no home or transportation now.

The treatment and health of our Body is enhanced when the Self honors and respects the presence of the Body. Example: You just had the idea to go for a walk, so you think about it. The Self wants to go for a walk which would be comforting for the mind and also good movement for the body. The walk is a win, win situation for both the Self and the Body. A good relationship here where the Self is giving thought to what effect the walk would have on the Body. A second example: You just got home from a bad day at work and the idea to drink six beers to calm yourself down comes to mind. Self really wants to get rid of this problem and thinks this heavy drinking will relieve the problem. Now with new awareness of the Body it takes a second look at the idea. The Self realizes the Body had nothing to do with the bad day and abusing it is not right, but in fact is rather harmful to the Body and only a temporary distraction from the problem. One damaging event to the body and one hangover prevented.

Awareness of using our body for anything other than a home, a vehicle for movement and communication is critical for good care of the Body. I'm thinking this awareness could reduce our abuse of power and bad treatment of the Body by a big percentage. Being aware of honoring and respecting of why our Body was created is important. When the Self is made aware of its responsibility to its self and to the Body, then its actions are controlled. We need to, so to speak, keep a separation of church and state, when it comes to Self and Body.

I would like to write about the Self and how it solves it problems once it stops dumping them on the Body, but I don't have the answers at this time. Problem solving by the Self is a new area of exploration for all of us.

This concept of separation of Self and Body has been enlightening for me and given me a powerful new tool to use in my quest for health and wellness.

Terry Mullenbach is 63 and retired from the computer field. He has a personal fitness trainer certification and a Wellness Coach certification.

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