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Most Popular Marijuana Strains

Marijuana is one of the most complex plants in the world. The plant contains 120 cannabinoids, all providing different effects.

There are several marijuana strains in existence, each offering their own unique benefits. This also depends on how you administer marijuana; you’ll get a different reaction when you smoke marijuana versus ingesting it.

Now that cannabis legalization is increasing, there are more strain options available. With complex growing strategies, we can now breed marijuana plants that provide the strongest high reaction and/or offer incredible benefits.

But only a select few weed strains can top this list. Here are the most popular marijuana strains...


Chemdawg is one of the most powerful strains, containing over 32% of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid. This award-winning strain is a hybrid, offering the relaxation of an indica but the buzz of a sativa.

The taste of Chemdawg is pungent; the musky scent is similar to the smell of diesel. The taste is sour yet still easy to smoke. Chemdawg is often used to breed Sour Diesel, another popular marijuana strain.

White Widow

White Widow is popular because of its uplifting effects. As a hybrid, the user will experience a combination of euphoria and energy. This is another powerful strain, at about 20% THC. White Widow has a distinct earthy flavor and pine scent.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, commonly called GSC, is one of the newest strains on the market. It’s an indica-dominant strain and it offers plenty of health benefits.

Pain and anxiety patients will especially love GSC because of the intensely relaxed state it leaves your mind and body.

But this is still no beginner strain. At 28% THC and 0.2% CBD, this is an extremely potent cannabis strain.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG is not one for beginners. It’s one of the most potent marijuana strains in the world, boasting a 34% THC content. This award-winning strain is a mix between Cherry Pie, Granddaddy Purps, and OG Kush.

This strain is an indica and is said to leave you immobile and sleepy for hours at a time. Its potency is popular amongst medical marijuana users, specifically for those who want to treat pain and insomnia.

Irish Cream

Don’t let the name fool you — this is not a sweet strain. The strain tastes earthy, like pine.

The name Irish Cream comes from the breed, it’s bred from Cookies and Cream and the Real McCoy. This indica-dominant strain boasts 27% THC and is popular amongst medical patients.


If sweet is what you’re looking for, you’ll love the Gelato strain. It’s an indica-dominant strain and leaves the user feeling mellow with a body high. Gelato is also a popular medical marijuana strain, treating both pain and mood disorders.

Enjoy the Most Popular Marijuana Strains

Whether you’re new to marijuana or are a seasoned user, it can be difficult choosing which strain to smoke. Users love the most popular marijuana strains. Try these strains — but be careful, they’re strong!

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