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The Most Pet-Friendly States in the US

Two people holding a cat and a dog

Did you know that, in the USA, there are approximately 75 million households with pets? Yes, you heard it correctly. Americans just love them all - cats, dogs, parrots, fish, hamsters, rabbits, etc. So, it can be said that there are many pet-friendly states in the US. 

But what makes a state pet-friendly? Well, the number one factor is definitely the pet population. Then, it is the number of pet-friendly rental apartments and neighbors with pets. And, let us also not forget animal and veterinary laws. So, when considering all of these, we came up with states that treat pets and their owners with the utmost respect and love. So, if you and your beloved pet plan on traveling or even moving somewhere in the US, give this article a read. 


One of the most pet-friendly states in the US just has to be Colorado. Here, thousands and thousands of pet-friendly households treat their pets as a part of their family. Residents of Colorado have all kinds of pets, but cats and dogs seem to dominate most homes. And, not only homes - in Colorado, there are hundreds of cat and dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons, shops, malls, etc. People love to have unique pets like hamsters, lizards, gerbils, etc. Although it is quite different to take care of these pets than the generally kept cats and dogs however, hamsters and gerbils are cute and fun to play with. Learn more about do gerbils smell like rabbits and hamsters?

Moreover, if you have ever been to Colorado, you probably know how magnificent its nature is. Forests, lakes, meadows, etc., are all the things you can visit with your furry friends. As there are more than 200 hundred pet-friendly trails here, you and your dog (or your cat) can enjoy walkies all day and every day. 

Let us not forget about vets! As a pet owner, taking better care of your pet should be your top priority. Luckily, with approximately 1900 practicing vets in the state, that shouldn't be hard. 

A man and his dog hiking.

If you and your dog love hiking, you will also love Colorado!


Just like Colorado, Arizona, too, is a very pet-friendly state. Most of the areas, indoor and outdoor, are more than happy to accommodate people and their pets. This applies to all parks and malls and the majority of cafes, restaurants, and shops. 

What makes Arizona number two on our list of the most pet-friendly states in the US are all the animal protection laws. Yes, residents of Arizona take their animals seriously and are willing to go to court if necessary. Laws that prevent animal abuse and protect the rights of pets are very strict here. Anyone who hurts a harmless animal will be sentenced and punished.

Want to know an interesting fact about lawyers? They can defend and fight for animals in a court of law. Arizona is full of those lawyers - that is why animals have many rights in this state. 


Throughout history, Virginia became known as the lovers' state. But, during the present, it is slowly becoming a pet lover's state. Almost everything here is pet-friendly. So, you know what this means - you will never have to be without your pet. 

People who move to Virginia from out of state usually worry about how they and their pets will fit in. But trust us, there is no reason for you to worry about this. Almost all rentals, hotels, parks, malls, shops, etc., are pet-friendly. And not only that - people will greet you with a smile when they see you with your pet - Virginians love pets that much. Thus, don't worry about moving here with your pet across state lines - no matter what that pet may be. It would be much better to use your “worries” for planning your relocation to reach your new home safely

A cat sitting on the bed.

In Virginia, you will find the majority of rentals to be pet-friendly.


Is there anything better than going for a run on the beach? There is! It is going for a run on the beach with your dog. Some people even take their cats for a swim there, believe it or not. So, in Maine, that is, in Vacationland, you are not the only one who will feel like you are vacationing 24/7; your pets will too. Here, there are 80 pet-friendly beaches. And, on those beaches, you will have bars (even tiki bars) and restaurants that will be more than happy to serve you and your pet as soon as you walk in. 

Another interesting thing about Maine is that its many institutions use pets in therapy. For instance, if you have problems with diabetes or some heart-related issues, the doctors will tell you to get a dog and walk it twice a day. This may sound funny - but it works. Having a dog will force you to walk more, and walking alone can help with many health conditions. 

A man walking his dog on the beach.

Being on the beach with your pet can positively impact your health.


We cannot talk about the most pet-friendly states in the US without mentioning Oklahoma. This state is essential when it comes to pets, as it uses them in many therapies. But, unlike Maine, where people are encouraged to go on walkies with their dogs to improve their physical condition, here, people are encouraged to take care of pets to improve their mental health.

It is scientifically proven that pets, especially cats, help reduce stress (with their purring), alleviate pain, and help with dealing with certain mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. So, if you move to Maine and end up at a doctor's office, don't be surprised if you end up with a prescription for a cat or dog.

These were the top pet-friendly states in the US, but we would be lying if we said that these are the only ones. Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Kansas should also be on the top of your list if you plan on traveling or moving to a state that treats you and your pet with love and respect.

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