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The Most Common CrossFit Injuries

Those people who are wanting to get fit and in good shape often look to CrossFit as a good way of doing so. Despite the program becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, you do leave yourself open to certain ailments and injuries from doing so. It is important to be aware of these before deciding if CrossFit is the thing for you.

Some of the most likely injuries that you will experience as a result of partaking in CrossFit classes include:

Tennis Elbow

Contrary to what the name of this injury suggests, you can get tennis elbow without ever holding a racket. In the world of CrossFit, elbows are a part of the body that are required for a variety of different exercises and tasks - this means that an issue with them can seriously impair your ability to participate.

Tennis elbows results from a strain of the elbow joint. This typically occurs from chronic overuse of the ligaments and tendons that are in the elbow. The best way of treating this issue is by icing the joint and, where possible, resting it. Continue to do this until the swelling subsides and you are able to put pressure on your elbow without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

Back Pain 

Because of the wide range of movements that you make whilst doing CrossFit, it is no surprise then that back pain is a regular occurrence. In a regular class, it is likely that you will be flipping, jumping, lifting, and bending, putting lots of stress on your lower back in the process.

dry needling

As soon as you feel any sort of pain in your back then it is important that you stop whatever it is that you are doing straight away. After doing this, it is important to then be checked out by a professional, i.e. a medical doctor or sports physio. One of the treatments that they may recommend to you is a process called dry needling. For dry needling brisbane, follow the link.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis occurs from severe over-use of the tendon at the back of your heel. This tendon is attached directly to the calf muscle and so has an important function for running, jumping, and even walking. When suffering with issues with this tendon, you will feel stiffness and general pain in the area, as well as seeing a swelling of your heel. 

Without proper care and attention, you run the risk of completely blowing out your Achilles tendon altogether. This would result in you needing surgery to fix the issue and re-attach the tendon. Giving your heel plenty of time to rest so that it can heal properly is super important and you should not resume any form of exercise until this is the case.

The above list is by no means extensive and there are numerous other injuries and ailments that you can suffer from when performing CrossFit. These include rhabdomyolysis, anterior knee pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, plus many other kinds of muscle and joints strains.

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