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6 Reasons Why More People Are
Getting Plastic Surgery

Thinking of going under the knife? You're like millions of other people thinking of getting something done on their face and body. If you're wondering, here are six reasons why people get surgery at plastic surgery clinic in nashville, and some questions to help you decide if plastic surgery is the route you want to go on.

  1. More scrutiny
    Many of us in this modern world have more screen time than the generations before us. We're on cell phones, social media, selfies, and with the new normal of working from home, more and more businesses are moving toward working online, which means more screen time. This new age phenomenon has increased the desire for many of us to get plastic surgery.

    Not only do we have more screen time, but we're also in more photos than ever before. You're more likely to see yourself in pictures from a normal day out dining with friends to a birthday celebration. Our mobile devices equipped with HD camera settings make it easier and faster for us to get on camera. This HD setting also highlights features we don't really like, such as uneven skin tone, wrinkles, etc.

  2. A more open society
    There's more and more acceptance of getting your features done and going under the knife than ever before. Clients entering the recovery room are more open about their experiences, sending photos to friends, posting on YouTube, and letting the world know that they have a bandaged nose. People are becoming more accepting and comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery as it's seen as a form of self-care and self-love. What's more, sharing photos and experiences on the Internet through platforms such as Facebook and Reddit have empowered more people to do plastic surgery not just to construct features, but to enhance them as well.

    It's all about owning your sense of self and becoming more emboldened toward self-improvement. You don't have to apologize for wanting to feel different or look a certain way. If you feel a change of features makes you feel empowered, you should go ahead and do it.

  3. It’s a lot more affordable.
    When we think of plastic surgery, we think, “Only celebrities do it,” and people with money do it by extension. But then, thanks to the advancement of technology and medical science, plus more and more doctors, hospitals, education, and income levels rising, the average working professional can have even the most minimal plastic surgery done. It's not just the rich wives of Beverly Hills who can afford plastic surgery. In fact, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical and surgical have become so affordable.

    Clinics have also created financing options from personal loans, medical credit cards, and payment plans to enable anyone to have access to cosmetic procedures.

  4. You get more health benefits.
    In some circumstances, cosmetic procedures can benefit your health. Botox, for instance, can help ease conditions associated with excessive sweating, chronic migraines, Bell's Palsy, and even major depression. Plastic surgery has also helped people who have gone through weight loss to remove excess skin which, if left untreated, could develop rashes and other skin infections.
  5. Builds up self-confidence
    Sometimes, we all need to perk up our appearances to feel good on the inside. Cosmetic treatments have the aim of improving the self-esteem of a person, uplifting their self-confidence, and just making them feel good about themselves. How many of us feel like changing some aspects of our physical appearance? If you're one of them and you feel like you want a little work done, this can have a huge positive impact on you mentally and emotionally.

Now that you know the reasons people do plastic surgery, it's time to ask yourself if you want to get it and if you're ready for it. Here are some questions to ponder on:

  • When was your last growth spurt?
    If your body is still growing and changing, then it defeats the purpose of cosmetic surgery. It's best to give it a year or two for your body shape, weight, height, and breast size to stay the same before considering doing anything.
  • What do you want to correct?
    Before going under the knife, a surgeon will ask you various things to determine what you want to reconstruct. Usually, the happiest patient is the one who knows and wants to fix a specific issue and to normalize their body. You can have rhinoplasty done do help you breathe better, or you can get a breast reduction to help relieve backache. Drill down to the issues you're dealing with and check if plastic surgery is the answer. 
  • What are you expecting as a result?
    The point of plastic surgery is to make you a better version of yourself, and not to make you look like someone else. It's not about giving you a new body or a new face. Rather, it's to work with what you already have.
  • Why do you want cosmetic procedures done?
    What do butt implants look like? Is it to please a partner? Is it to fit into your social circle? To look like your favorite celebrity? Ultimately, getting plastic surgery is to do it for yourself and not for someone else. This is the difference between a happy and successful result versus a lifelong regret.
  • What choices have you made to help yourself?
    What are the things you've done to help yourself feel better? Did you try exercising? Did you try eating healthily? Have you tried therapy or yoga to help you feel better on the inside? Plastic surgery should never be the first solution to resolve any mental or physical issue.

Final Thoughts

Not all plastic surgeons are created equal, but they all strive to provide you with the best advice and care. Ultimately, plastic surgeons such as Lexington PS want to find out what and why you're going under the knife to give you suggestions, advice, as well as give you the pros and cons of the surgery. Ideally, you should also be doing your own homework into cosmetic procedures, what it entails, how much it costs, which surgeons are board-certified and have a good reputation, etc. Put in as much homework as you can on your own before you book that surgery.

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