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How to Get Mold Out of the Wall

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Do you want to get rid of mold and fungus on your walls and keep them from coming back? You can learn everything you need to know with the Mold Squad, mold removal experts.

Fungi and mold are the terror of homes, but, fortunately, there are daily cleaning products that help eliminate them and prevent them from reappearing. Mold, one of the types of fungi that appears most frequently in the home, is harmful to health; That's why it's important to solve this root problem. Follow this quick 5-step guide to learn how to remove mold and moisture from any corner of your home with this article:

It is always recommended to read the instructions for use on the product label of exclusive formula against fungi and mold and make a small test on the surface to be treated before applying the product. In addition, always wear protection for your eyes (goggles), hands (rubber gloves) and also the face (chinstrap), if necessary.

Mold, one of the Types of Fungi that Appear on the Walls

What is mold? It is a kind of fungus that is formed from spores present in the air. It grows in hot and humid environments with little ventilation, so baths and attics usually have this problem. Although the main causes are humidity and lack of ventilation, sometimes, the appearance of mold can be due to a leak in some internal or external pipe. Poorly insulated heating pipes can also accumulate moisture in the walls.

The most common fungi are those that appear on the walls as black spots that cover increasingly larger areas if they are not fought. To find out if a wall has fungi, wipe a cloth with Sodium hypochloriteover the stained surface. If the dark color disappears in a few minutes, the wall has fungi. If not, surely have a dirt stain.

How to Remove Fungi from the Wall in 5 Steps:

Caution: fungi can cause allergic reactions and affect health. If your walls are completely covered with fungi, consult a specialist. To clean a small surface, use safety equipment (goggles, gloves and a chinstrap), as contact with spores can be harmful. Wear old or disused clothes. I opened the windows or turned on a fan while you are cleaning.

If you decide to use a commercial product, you can try the Vim line, which is very effective. I always read the instructions on the label and did a test in a poorly visible area first.

  • To start, prepare a solution of Sodium hypochloriteand water (it is recommended to use one part of lavandina for three of water) and spray the blackened area.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes.
  • Rub with a hard bristle brush.
  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Dry with a dry cloth.

So that the tiles are free of mold and recover their splendor, apply specific Gel with Ultra White Lavandin, which fights germs and leaves no residue.

If this does not work, try a specific stronger product to clean mold from the wall or remove fungus. Never mix several cleaners, because the combination can generate dangerous chemical reactions.

How to Avoid the Reappearance of Fungi and Mold Spots: Our 6 Tips

Once you have removed the fungi on the walls, the next step is to take measures to prevent them from reappearing.

  • Buy a special product, such as an antimicrobial spray that can help not only remove spores, but also prevent them from reappearing. This product is purchased at hardware stores and paint stores.
  • Consider installing an electric dehumidifier in the most affected areas. This method is ideal for long-term mold prevention.
  • It is advisable to restructure the insulation system in the walls and ceilings so that they are less affected by condensation, and therefore mold formation.
  • Try to keep the bathroom, kitchen and other environments where there is humidity dry and well ventilated.
  • Leave the shower curtain stretched and hang the towels when you have to dry them.
  • Arrange the leaks as soon as you detect them to prevent moisture from advancing in corners and below the floor.

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