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Design My Space: 9 Modern Dental Practice Designs To Spruce Up Your Practice

Dental Practice Designs

According to one study, about 60% of Americans have some anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist.

In order to get more patients coming to your practice, you'll have to figure out how to put your patients at ease with your decoration and layout of your office.

"But how do I design my space like that?" you might be wondering. We have plenty of tips to help you out!

1. Focus on Function and Decoration

One thing you should make sure you do is to focus on balancing the decorations with the function of your office.

This will help you and your employees be productive and actually be able to accomplish work. The decorations will also help to make it a little bit more inviting for your patients.

In order to achieve this delicate balance, you could consider hiring an interior designer or some other professional to make sure that everything is okay.

2. Choose Local Artwork

When it comes to finding artwork to decorate your office, you should look into finding some local artwork. When you have local artwork, you also make a connection with your community, which may make your patients feel more at home.

You can also offer contests asking for local artists to design pieces for your office, which can help work as a marketing technique for your business. You could hold a contest every year, giving more artists a chance to have their piece featured for all your patients to see.

3. Make it Ergonomic

While you should make sure that your office is aesthetically appealing, it also needs to be ergonomic.

For your employees, you'll need to make sure that you have comfortable chairs for your dentists and assistants. They'll be twisting and turning in those chairs all day, which can already take a toll on their back. You can lessen that toll by making sure they have ergonomic equipment to use. Office Monster have a range of chairs available to suit every role... classic budget options for desk work, modern executive desk chairs for offices and luxury leather manager chairs.

However, you also need to make sure that your patients have ergonomic furniture as well. While you shouldn't keep them in the waiting room very long, make sure they have comfortable chairs to keep them comfortable.

If the chairs are uncomfortable, this will just make them even angrier if you've kept them waiting for a while.

4. Install Updated Equipment

One important aspect of modern dental practice designs is to ensure that you have updated dental equipment.

You want customers to walk in and see that everything seems new and up to date, rather than something that's run down. This will help them trust you more, which can keep them coming back.

It will also help you be more efficient with your scheduling, filing paperwork, and communicating with your patients. With all of these advancements, you'll make sure that you don't forget a patient's appointment. You can also send them reminders to make sure they know too!

5. Have a Fun Theme for the Children

If you're going to be pediatric dentistry, you need to cater your office designs a little bit differently.

Dental offices can be a scary place for little children, which is why you need to make it fun for them. One idea to make it more fun is to paint fun themes on the wall. It could be something like a zoo, an underwater scene, or popular children's characters.

You could even make it three-dimensional by making the furniture part of the theme, giving the kids a chance to interact with everything.

6. Incorporate Accent Colors

Having a bland office won't really draw patients in, and it can make them actually feel even more nervous.

Pick colors that will make people feel calm and anxious. This could be colors like blue, beige, or pale yellow. Bright, loud colors can be fun, but it might subconsciously make the patients feel anxious or uneasy.

7. Set up a Selfie Wall

One fun thing to make your patients feel like they're part of a family is to set up a selfie or photo wall.

Encourage your patients to take selfies with their new and healthy smiles and have them send them to you. You can then print them out and have them featured on the selfie wall.

When they come back for their next appointment, they'll have fun looking through all the photos to find theirs!

8. Have Someone Design a Logo

You'll also need a logo for your business so that other people can easily recognize it.

Hire a graphic designer to come up with something easy and simple, and then use it when you design the inside of your office. Don't over-decorate with your logo, but put it in subtle places so that people will eventually associate your practice with that logo.

9. Be Professional

While you should have fun with your selfie wall and fun colors, make sure that you're still a professional office.

Your staff should still be professional and run as a business. If you treat your patients too much like friends or family without delivering on good customer service, you most likely won't have the patients come back.

It doesn't matter how fun your office looks if you don't have good and professional customer service.

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If you're still wondering, "How should I design my space?", there are still plenty of options out there for you to consider.

We know that running your own business can be stressful and overwhelming, but thankfully we're here to help you out!

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