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Modafinil: the Drug of the 21st Century?

Well, yes… quite frankly Modafinil is the drug that defines the 21st century. Let me tell you why…

Long ago, people would use drugs solely for recreational or religious purposes. Some were indeed also enhancing their capabilities, such as the Aztecs with their cocoa beans.

Alas, the hippie era was all about getting effed up… The corporate era, of course, is all about being active. Competition defines our era… there are so many opportunities and so many people looking to grab them. If you’re not quick on your toes, you can easily stay and be sad, as the train of opportunity has passed by.

Fear of missing out, my friends… FOMO. Sometimes healthy, sometimes not so. You gotta have that shirt, that car, you gotta go on vacation… For all this you need money… You need a career to do so… or be an entrepreneur, or Brad Cooper from Limitless.

Aaand BINGO. Unsurprisingly, many people truly WANT to be Bradley Cooper from Limitless… Take a magic pill and become president. No surprise that it doesn’t work that way… But it’s not all black and white, now, is it?

As a side note, I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Modafinil and how it helped me remain on top of my game throughout the pandemic.

Modafinil … the real-life NZT-48?

The first time I watched the movie “Limitless” I was impressed! Not only with the acting and the whole plot of the story, but the whole idea of intelligence booster. I watched it 10 times and I was driven to find out if that pill exists in the real world.

If you forgot what the movie was all about, I’ll refresh your memory. There’s this guy who is a writer. His character was played by Bradley Cooper. A Brilliant actor from Hangover 1 to 3 one of my favorites. So as the story goes, he found out about a pill from an old friend. “You know how people only use 10% of their brains? Well, this drug allows you to use 100% of your brain“. That’s the line that I’ll never forget and made me hit the internet right away to find out more about it.

It turned out that many people are talking about it over the internet. Too bad I found out that NZT-48, that specific drug, does not exist but there is one drug they keep talking about that has the closest effects!

Nootropics, the scientific name of drugs that can enhance your memory. Commonly known as cognitive enhancers but the cool kids on the block call it the “smart pill”. It helps you focus. Enhancing your memory, your attention, your mental clarity and your cognitive abilities. Pretty cool huh?

So going back to the movie, he took a pill and boom! He was at his best. Watching it made me want to take one and just experience the hype and yes, be smarter than I am without it.

Why is Modafinil so popular?

There are many other stimulants that pack even harder of a punch. Of course, Adderall and Ritalin still are popular. Quite greatly popular, yet they fall under the schedule II class of substances because of their high toxicity and potential for addiction and abuse.

Modafinil is a schedule IV drug because it was deemed to be safe and non-addictive. Also, the body tolerates it incredibly well, making overdose virtually impossible.

Modafinil is popular in its generic form that is sold by online vendors that source their Modafinil from Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals.


Modafinil can be incredibly beneficial to healthy and unhealthy individuals alike. Its huge potential to bring out the best in people, coupled with its safety, truly make Modafinil THE smart drug, as it perfectly fits the definition.In spite of that, you should remember to consult your doctor before doing anything that concerns chemicals and your body.

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