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What Is Mobile Hearing Testing?

Mobile Hearing Testing

While the health of our ears is generally given less priority than other aspects of our bodies, it can’t be overstated how important our hearing is. Once hearing loss has become actively noticeable, your hearing has already been greatly impacted. This can be a problem, as it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to reverse hearing damage, thus leaving you compromised for the rest of your life. But protecting your hearing isn’t as simple as we would like. Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is the most common work-related ailment in Canada? Consistent exposure to noises louder than 86dBA for eight hours can cause permanent hearing damage.

There are hundreds of professions that need to be aware of how their environment affects their hearing. From autobody technicians to roofers to nightclub workers, measures should be in place to prevent hearing loss. If you’re an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your workers are protected on their job site and complying with safety standards. Worksafe BC has an average of 380 noise-induced hearing loss claims each year; avoid becoming a statistic by actively striving to find solutions.

That’s where mobile hearing testing units come in. Companies such as Rocky Mountain Mobile Hearing Testing understand the value of preventative measures and work with you to ensure your staff is taken care of. But what exactly is mobile hearing testing? Let’s take a look.

Audiometry Testing

Mobile Hearing Testing

An audiometry test, also known as a hearing test, measures the strength of a worker’s hearing abilities. The process is fairly straightforward, but allows the worker to determine whether they are experiencing hearing loss.

During an audiometric test, the worker whose hearing is being tested will sit in a sound-treated booth with a pair of headphones placed over their ears. Typically, the booth will have a panel of glass to allow the worker to see into the next room, where the individual conducting the test will be sitting. This individual is known as the audiometric technician.

The audiometric technician will send a series of tones through the earphones. The worker will indicate when they’ve heard a tone and in which ear. The worker’s thresholds for each ear will then be recorded on a graph, called an audiogram, or numerically on a chart. By analyzing the audiogram, the audiometric technician will be able to see which pitches the worker is able to detect. Those with more extensive hearing loss will be unable to hear a greater range of pitches. This can be concerning, and the worker may be asked to follow up with additional hearing testing. In general, those with advanced hearing loss may also notice that speech and sounds sound more muffled.

Additionally, either before or after the test, the worker is counselled about the necessity, use, maintenance, and replacement of hearing protection, such as earplugs and earmuffs.

Making It Mobile

Mobile hearing testing takes all the benefits and services of a regular appointment and brings it directly to you. This allows you and your workers to continue your workday as usual, with a worker slipping out for roughly 10-15 minutes to complete their test, right there on site. During this time, your Hearing Conservation Program can be established and any questions or concerns can be answered.

Reputable mobile hearing testing companies have Canadian Standards Association certified sound booths built into their mobile units, allowing you to receive the same level of quality as you would expect in a clinic, but with double the convenience. With bright, spacious, and modern facilities, you and your workers are guaranteed to feel at ease while being tested by trained professionals.

Mobile hearing testing units eliminate any excuse for you not to ensure your workers are protected and safe on the job site. Gain a better understanding of your worksite’s influence on your workers’ hearing without any interruptions in your day by reaching out to a mobile hearing testing unit.

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