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How Mobile Apps Are Shaping
the Future of Healthcare


By Manan Ghadawala

There is hardly any sector left away from the grab of Mobile App technology, and we have been hearing about the technology take over in the healthcare sector for a long time.

We cannot deny the fact that the consideration of Mobile App development for various industry aspects proves to be beneficial in almost every way.

Many types of research show that the users are comfortable accepting the evolution of Mobile App technology in the healthcare industry.

Patients are comfortable to share the health history on the mobile apps and sharing the access with the doctors to check.

Doctors and wellness centers feel it has become quite manageable with the help of mobile apps for various functions.

However, we are yet to see more as it is mobile app technology which has left its impact proving to be the most dynamic one and has lots of things in the sack to provide shortly to healthcare.

Here, we will see some aspects which can help us understand how mobile apps can shape the future of healthcare…

1. Check your vitals with a few taps

We all can agree to this that it is quite easy to access the mobile phones even in the remote geographical areas where the infrastructure is also not much developed.

Developers and providers have come up with the idea of developing smart apps which can help the patients check their vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate on the mobile apps itself.

The tech giants have provided the necessary APIs in the market for the developers to use to create these helpful applications.

So far, we have been able to use the applications to check our vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate, and sugar level.

These apps prove to be helpful in checking whether there is an emergent need to see your doctor or is it just the need for some fresh air and you will be fine.

It is helpful to the doctors as well, in case the patient is suffering and unable to come down to the hospital, they can quickly get to know their vitals and prescribe them some emergency treatment till they reach to the patient physically.

2. Faster connectivity between the hospitals and patients

We are very well aware of how much time does it consume to fill up those hospital forms, and it is a pain for every patient and their relatives in the time of emergency.

With the emergence of Mobile App Technology in the healthcare industry, it has become quite manageable for the hospitals to collect patient information in a convenient way and proper format.

It becomes similarly easy for the patients and their relatives to notify the hospitals about emergencies so that they can prepare the necessary settings.

Mobile apps have allowed hospitals to facilitate patients with a convenient way to fill up the entry forms, get the schedule of tests notified and even make the payments to the hospital without waiting in the long queues.

With this approach, hospitals become able to maintain patient records in an organized and secured format.

In the coming future, it is going to be quite capable for the hospitals to maintain and fetch the details quickly from the records without much manual hassle.


3. Improvement in health with lifestyle

With the always innovative APIs emerging in the industry, it brings a breeze of creativity to the developers with ideas to develop better applications with the healthcare perspective.

Many mobile apps have become helpful in improving our health along with the lifestyle.

Apps such as for nutrition management, sleep management, and daily workouts have helped to pave through the way of nourishing our lifestyle along with our health.

We can say that a mobile app can help us remain fit and beautiful which will help to improve our lifestyle as well in return.

Along with Mobile Apps, many wearables have been introduced in the market which add up to your style and can be synced with your smartphone and help you stay notified with your health basics such as steps walked in a day, water intake and much more.

This integration of mobile app technology in healthcare has proven to be a smart way of keeping people engaged with their health as well.

4. Quick Assistance from a virtual doctor in case of emergencies

With an increasing population, we have to admit to the facts that it is going to be a great challenge for the healthcare sector to reach out to every patient.

Along with this, we have to agree to the fact that the use of mobile phones is going to become global be it a rural or an urban area.

Thus, the gap between the patients and doctors can bridge up with the help of an application supporting the virtual doctor feature.

The application can help the patient connect with the doctor at any time of the day to check on the health issues like cold & flu, urgent care, allergies, skin and eye problems, and many others.

The patient can consult the doctor at any time of the day through the app making a video call.

The app will be able to record the reports of the patient which again eases to both the doctor and the patient.

So far till now, it has been checked that many patients are comfortable with this feature and many doctors feel it quite manageable as they don’t have to travel miles and save time to see other patients as well.

5. Speedy hospital management assistance to the doctors

It is observed many of the times, that most of the time of doctors goes behind maintaining the incident reports and the patient documents and they get very less time to look after the patient practically.

This scenario is exhausting out the doctors especially the emergency physicians. They feel worn out when they have to treat every coming patient and then report every detail in the hospital record.

Thus, a mobile app can help the doctors to speed up the process of maintaining reports with the ease of accessing it at their fingertips.

Further, Mobile apps help with jotting down the details at the very moment and make it convenient for the hospital staff to extract the records as and when required.

Also, Mobile Apps help the hospital with managing the outside resources, such as a recruitment app of the hospital to hire the staff if any of the permanent staff is on an unplanned leave.

Along with the staff management, hospitals can also manage their payment transactions with the patients where they are at a convenience to pay their bills without standing in the queues and in a secure way as well.

This feature enables hospitals as well to check on the payment records quickly and maintain the further outstanding or the updated history of the patient’s payments.


Healthcare is considered to be one of the critical sectors out there as it deals with the lives of people.

However, every industry needs some assistance and automation to ease and streamline their processes inside and outside their premises.

Mobile Apps have so far proven to be quite helpful in the healthcare sector while narrowing the gap between the disease and the treatment and further management of the healthcare infrastructure.

Moreover, looking at the trends and the bliss they offer, it can be said that mobile apps will shape the future of healthcare into a better one.

Author Bio: Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter.

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