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All About Mitragyna Speciosa and Spirituality

Mitragyna speciosa is commonly called Kratom. It is a tropical evergreen tree obtained in the family of coffee and homegrown in Southeast Asia. Mitragyna speciosa is originated in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea; these are the places where it is being used traditionally in medicines. Kratom acquires opioid features, and it also has some stimulant-like effects.

Traditional uses of Kratom

There are lots of great uses of kratom. But still, there are some people who do not believe and thinks that it is not legitimate. But it is widely known for improving moods, relieving pain, and helping with opiate addiction. Kratom is the most widely used drug in Thailand. Check the information about kratom crazy here.

Mitragyna speciosa is being widely used as a traditional medicine. Its leaves get used as chewing to get rid of musculoskeletal pain and enhancement of energy, appetite, and sexual desires in a bit similar way to khat and coca. The leaves and extracts of kratom are utilized for treating coughs, diarrhea, and infection in intestines.

In Thailand, it is being used as intestinal deworming agents. Kratom is also being utilized by labourers and monotonous professions to get rid of their work exhaustion and as mood builder and painkiller. In Thailand, it was a tradition to use kratom as snack to serve guests, and it was also a part of their ritual worship of ancestors and gods. As this herb is very much bitter in taste, so it gets combined with a sweetener.



We get to know from ancient books and peoples that different plants and herbs always get utilized for emotional, spiritual development, physical purposes, and self-discovery. Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is one of those. This herbal leaf is a part of the tree that belongs to the Rubiaceae family. It is able to grow up to 30 feet taller, and it is obtained in Asia and Africa. As mentioned above, in Thailand the kratom leaf has been in use for decades.

They use it as medicine for gastroenteritis and physical pains. Moreover, kratom is being mostly used in herbal medicines and there are just fewer references for kratom being used as a spiritual plant. Its spiritual qualities are quite large and wide for psychonauts of the new age movement. There are some people using this herbal leaf for spiritual health. They use it in many different ways, like spreading its paste overhead or on the body or such methods.

Get Kratom

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