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6 Mistakes with Teeth Whitening
and How to Avoid Them

Teeth Whitening

Are you thinking about whitening your teeth?

Whether you are struggling with discolored teeth or just want to makeover your smile, whitening your teeth can be a great idea. A simple whitening treatment can boost your confidence, reduce the appearance of aging, and even provide more career and romantic opportunities.

However, there are many mistakes with teeth whitening people make. These mistakes can make your teeth look worse, affect your dental health, and result in costly visits to the dentist. For more information on teeth whitening procedures, head over to

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth and want to be as effective as possible, here are the common mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Not Consulting With a Dentist

One of the most common mistakes people make with teeth whitening treatment is not consulting with a dentist first. Although you can whiten your teeth at home, many over-the-counter treatments won’t give you the same results and can even damage your teeth and gums.

If you are wondering why you should visit a dentist to whiten your teeth, these reasons are why.

2. Excessive Bleaching

Another common mistake to avoid is excessive bleaching. This can be a result of using teeth whitening strips, whitening gel, and other whitening products more than recommended. Excessive bleaching can cause enamel loss, soft-tissue chemical burns, and gum sensitivity.

3. Whitening Before Brushing or Flossing

One mistake to avoid is not brushing or flossing before your teeth whitening appointment. Cleaning your teeth is essential to remove all the residue, bits of food, and more. When your teeth are fresh and clean, you will have better results from your treatment.

4. Using Whitening Toothpaste

Although it might seem like using teeth whitening products at home is a good idea, the opposite can be true. Whitening toothpaste can be too harsh and abrasive for daily use. To avoid this problem, follow your dentist’s recommendations for the products you use at home.

5. Forgetting About Synthetic Teeth

Many people have at least one synthetic tooth in their mouth, whether it is a cap, bridge, or crown. These teeth will not whiten the same as your natural teeth, which can lead to an embarrassing result. If you have synthetic teeth, make sure to consult with your dentist before whitening your teeth.

6. Ignoring Aftercare Instructions

A common mistake people make is ignoring the aftercare instructions from their dentist. After your teeth whitening procedure you need to avoid certain foods and beverages and refrain from smoking.

By ignoring these instructions, you can experience gum sensitivity and affect your results. Avoid this mistake by following all aftercare instructions.

These are the Mistakes With Teeth Whitening to Avoid

There are several common mistakes with teeth whitening you need to avoid.

Make sure you consult with your dentist before whitening your teeth. You should also avoid over bleaching, brush, and floss before whitening, and avoid using whitening toothpaste daily. Make sure to discuss your synthetic teeth with your dentist and follow all aftercare instructions.

Follow these tips to avoid the most common teeth whitening mistakes.

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