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Some Common Mistakes Most People Make
When Brewing Coffee

What is the perfect cup of coffee? The answer to this question is a very personal one that varies from individual to individual. Some may prefer coffee brewed in a single-cup brewer, whereas others may prefer drinking coffee brewed in a French press. No matter the kind of coffee you prefer, the best coffee in Las Vegas can always be found at coffee shops rather than brewed at one’s home. They do have the best coffee roasters in Las Vegas and the professional equipment required to make a yummilicious and aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee.

Mistakes brewing coffee

Here are other reasons that local coffee in Las Vegas tastes better than when brewed at home:

  • Freshly ground coffee beans
  • Freshly brewed coffee
  • Perfectly steamed milk
  • The coffee machine used is of high quality

Therefore, even if it is impossible to make coffee at home, just like the one you can get at coffee shops in Las Vegas - avoiding these common mistakes could help you make a cup of coffee worthy of the greats.

  • Avoid Using Old Coffee Beans or Old Ground Coffee

If you have a hard time recollecting when or where you bought your coffee from, it simply means that you need to buy some new coffee beans or get new ground coffee. In fact, ensure that you purchase only as much as you will consume within a two-week period.

  • Avoid Storing Coffee Beans in the Fridge or Freezer

Although one would hope that by placing coffee beans in the fridge or freezer, they would remain fresh longer, it is far from reality. Roasted coffee beans have numerous holes that absorb moisture quickly as well as the smell of other foods placed in the fridge or freezer as well. This takes away from the flavor and freshness of the coffee. So, avoid at all costs storing coffee beans in the fridge.

  • Avoid Buying Pre-Ground Beans

Even the best coffee roasters in Las Vegas would suggest that buying pre-ground coffee is a bad idea. Although it is more convenient and easy, they are highly susceptible to oxidation, especially as they begin to lose freshness the moment they are ground. In order to preserve the quality of your coffee, ensure to avoid buying pre-ground beans.

  • Avoid using water at an improper temperature

If the water you use to make coffee is too hot, then it could extract bitterness and acidity in the flavor. It is preferable that the water used should be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees celsius. The right way to reach this temperature is to boil water and then start the coffee brewing process 45 seconds into it.

  • Avoid the wrong coffee to water ratio

The recommended ratio for coffee to water is 2:6 (two tablespoons of ground coffee to six ounces of water). Getting this ratio mixed up could result in bitter-tasting coffee. At the same time, using less coffee will water down the coffee and be tasteless or just mild - more like flavored coffee.

These are some of the most important mistakes to avoid when it comes to brewing your perfect cup of coffee at home. For a fail-safe cup of coffee that you will enjoy every bit of, you may want to consider heading to the best coffee roasters in Las Vegas.

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