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The Missing Claw in Freshwater
Invertebrates for Aquariums

Do you think your Aquarium lacks a special something? Or you do you watching some colorful freshwater invertebrates. Then we suggest that having a freshwater Crayfish in your Aquarium can be a great addition. That's why we prepared this care guide for Crayfish in Aquarium.

The addition for the missing claws in your freshwater Aquarium that we will suggest is just so easy to care for. And watching them play on their own is also a pleasure.

Make sure to go through this care guide for freshwater lobster in aquarium to learn more about these lovely creatures and decide for yourself if you want one or not.


They are among the most preferred invertebrates in freshwater aquariums due to their striking blue color. These creatures are known as Blue Crayfish, Sapphire Crayfish, or Florida Crayfish.

These Crayfish are native to Florida. They inhabit numerous bodies of water across the state. They are located mostly east of the country's longest river, Saint Johns.

Electric Blue Crayfish are tough considering their fragile appearance. They survive in virtually any setting. So they're ideal for all types of freshwater aquariums.

Care for Electric Blue Crayfish

This species is ideal for both new and experienced fishkeepers looking for something unique for their tanks. Electric Blue Crayfish are simple to care for since they are tough and adaptable.

However, there are specific fundamental care recommendations to follow. If you want your Crayfish to survive and prosper, you must offer them a comfortable environment.

Tank Size

Some keepers had success growing Electric Blue Crayfish in 10-gallon aquariums. But we don't suggest it.

Adult Crayfish need a minimum tank capacity of 30 gallons due to their size.

Juveniles may be grown in a 20-gallon tank. But grownups need room to explore. Keeping several Crayfish together in a bigger tank reduces the risk of aggressive behavior.

Water Characteristics

The best way to keep fish or invertebrates happy is to recreate their natural environment. They are no exception. Because they dwell in such a diverse range of settings in Florida, they have considerable leeway.

These Crayfish are usually found in Saint Johns River or its branches. The water is warmer and pH neutral.

They're also murky, but you don't need to duplicate that for your Crayfish. So make sure to follow the criteria below; these animals should adapt easily.

  • Water temperature: 65-75°F (ideally 70°F)
  • pH: 6.5-7.5
  • 3-10 dKH water

Setting Up Their Tank

They aren't fussy about decoration, which is ideal for maintaining Electric Blue Crayfish. A natural environment is not required for some invertebrate and fish species. You may use plastic plants or other creative decorations.

All you need is a cave.

A fake cave, a pot flipped upside down, or a PVC pipe is all possibilities. The Crayfish will use this cave to hide.

The cave should be big. It's particularly useful to crayfish molting. They are extremely susceptible to injuries and assaults during molting. So having protective homes is a necessity.

Use real plants, driftwood, and other big decorations to conceal their position.

Caution is advised with living plants. Sapphire Crayfish are known to consume, uproot, and damage plants.

Fill it up with gravel or sand. If you use fine sand, the Crayfish may burrow and dig. It's simply another way to hide for your crawfish.

We suggest a strong filtering system for equipment. It should be able to cycle water effectively. Crayfish waste a lot and are susceptible to high ammonia levels. Your filter must control levels.

Notes: The tank cover is also important to consider. The Electric Blue Crayfish will climb on everything to get out of the tank!

The Crayfish won't pry your lid open, and they will attempt to escape if left without one.

Common Potential Diseases

Electric Blue Crayfish, like any other fish, may become sick. Thankfully, their thick shells keep them healthy.

If your Crayfish becomes sick, it's probably due to bad water conditions.

These animals can't stand ammonia or nitrate. They may become strained and infected.

Fortunately, a 25% water change may reduce the likelihood of these problems happening. For optimum performance, we suggest weekly water changes.

Some crayfish may also spread illness. In the wild, the crayfish plague is prevalent. It causes infection and a lack of coordination.

It may impact all of your invertebrae if introduced. If you buy a wild-caught Electric Blue Crayfish, be cautious.


Electric Blue Crayfish eat anything. They're opportunistic eaters that will eat everything!

Your Crayfish can be offered a well-balanced diet that includes both dry and live food while in captivity. We give them:

  • Sinking pellets
  • Dry flakes
  • Algae wafers

You may give your crayfish shrimp as well as blanched veggies as a reward.

Feed your crawfish once daily. Feed them manageable amounts. Giving them any more than they can consume can eventually impact water quality.

Temperament & Behavior

Bottom feeders will spend all their time exploring and digging at the tank's bottom.

Electric Blue Crayfish aren't afraid of humans! Very energetic, moving about the tank continuously. As a result, they are a pleasure to watch.

They may be violent and territorial. Like we stated before, they devour whatever they capture. They may attempt to capture nearby fish, but they won't have much luck if the fish are watching.

Your Crayfish may even attempt new tricks to annoy their tank mates. On decorations or the tank cover, they often climb.

Is It Time to Invest in One for Yourself?

Now that you know how to care for Electric Blue Crayfish, you can decide whether this species is suitable for you.

We've spent many hours observing these amazing creatures. It outperforms almost every other freshwater species we've had!

Because of their bright color, low-maintenance care needs, and high level of activity, we believe they are well worth considering for your garden.

Contact us if you're still unsure whether they're a good fit for you or have pictures or suggestions you believe we should add to our website. We hope you found this care helpful guide, and we look forward to creating another in the future.

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