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Mindfulness: The Path to a Better Life

By Piper Mcintosh

“Live in the moment.” You have undoubtedly heard this quote uttered several times by many people. What exactly are they talking about? Don’t be too confused – they’re talking about mindfulness and nothing more. Mindfulness – and being mindful – be a therapeutic technique that allows an individual the opportunity to lead a more tranquil life. In this article, we will discuss how mindfulness can help people be more aware of their surroundings, decisions, and overall quality of life.

A Fast-Paced Society

Today’s world moves at a million miles an hour and it is hard to keep up. Because we are always focused on what we need to do for the following day, we lose sight of the here and now. Goals, projects, mom’s birthday, our ten-year anniversary: there are many things that take us away from the life we are currently living. In order to calm our minds, we need to focus and release tension.

Approaching Mindfulness

To approach mindfulness, we must first understand it. By definition, mindfulness is a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations. The trick is getting all of our senses honed into our environment, and releasing those thoughts which do not serve us at the moment. Mindfulness can help us achieve our goals by crystallizing them for us. If mindfulness is achieved, it can provide the following benefits:

  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Deeper engagement
  • Heightened sensations
  • Mental clarity

All the benefits listed above can lead to an overall better quality of life. Of course, achieving mindfulness is easier said than done. Anxiety, stress, and other debilitating conditions can quickly become a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. People often succumb to these conditions without realizing the power they have over them and not the other way around. To gain some stability, here are a few mindfulness methods.

Relaxation Techniques

Harvard Medical School has released this piece about relaxation strategies. In summary, the article takes a look at techniques such as breath focus, guided imagery, and disciplines like yoga and tai chi. These relaxation techniques can, over time, help people achieve consistent mindfulness because they all cause participants to focus on deep body scans. The more aware one is of the body’s reactions to stress, the easier it is to combat them. It all takes time, but the disciplines mentioned can be powerful allies in the quest toward mindfulness.

Natural Alternatives

Mindfulness can also be reached by allowing nature to provide a helping hand. In nature, one can find several remedies that provide the body with the relaxation it seeks. From herbal supplements to CBD oils, the alternatives are many. By allowing the body to relax the mind can better focus on events happening in the here and now.

Reaching Mindfulness

Reaching mindfulness is a process that requires both discipline and patience. The Monk Life offers this comprehensive list of books that can help one reach mindfulness. Once a person has incorporated mindfulness into their lives, they can start to live a much more fulfilled life. The choice always belongs to the individual, just the way it should be.

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