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Fleming Attorneys Offers 5 Mind Exercises that May Help Reduce the Chances of Road Traffic Accidents

It’s fair to say that car crashes are a regular occurrence in the US. The number of deaths on the road in 2017 topped 40,000, which is much too high. And there seems to be no signs that this number is going to drop significantly enough soon.

However, drivers can play a part in reducing accidents. Michael Fleming of Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. has provided five mind exercises drivers can perform in the car that may help reduce the chances of being involved in a major car accident.

Improve Your Peripheral Vision

Your peripheral vision is so important on the road so you can improve your reaction times. Michael says this exercise can be done anywhere.

Focus on an object far away from you when you get the chance and gradually allow yourself to become more aware of the objects around it.

Over time, you’ll be able to widen your peripheral vision. To keep challenging yourself, Michael says, you should practice noticing and remembering objects as you drive.

Practice Mindfulness in the Moment

Michael says mindfulness training is highly recommended for road safety. You can do this absolutely anywhere. Practice being in the moment and noticing everything around you.

Remove the noise from your mind, which is focusing on events and objects elsewhere. This will improve your focus and make you more aware of what’s around you on the road.

Indulge in Meditation Before You Start Driving

The current stats say just 8% of Americans practice meditation. They’re far less likely to be involved in a crash. Get into the habit of spending five or ten minutes meditating in the car before you drive.

Just close your eyes and focus on yourself breathing in and out. Michael recommends meditation as it teaches you how to better focus and how to avoid letting your mind wander.

Boost Your Memory with a Game

Memory is another important part of being a good driver and avoiding danger. Try boosting your memory as you drive. While you’re idling in traffic, pick out different aspects from your surroundings and see if you can remember them when you’re next idling in traffic.

You’ll soon discover your memory is improving and you’ll be able to better spot danger areas before you encounter them.

Grab the Wheel and Improve Your Focus

Want an easy exercise to practice when driving?

Grab the wheel and squeeze for as long as you can. Practice focusing on the feeling in your hands for as long as you can until it dissipates.

Michael says this deceptively simple exercise is a great way to practice focusing and avoiding yourself from getting distracted.

Last Word – Easy Exercises but No Substitute for Safety

Michael says these exercises are great for his clients. On the other hand, he says they’re no substitute for common safety precautions, such as not driving tired, eating well, and taking regular breaks during long drives. They’re a complement to being a responsible driver.

Do you think you need to improve your focus and concentration when driving?

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