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How Yoga Helps Businessmen. Yes, Men!

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By Mikkie Mills

Yoga is for everyone, man or woman. Businessmen, specifically, endure daily stresses on the body. Long flights and sitting behind desks can result in the circulation cut off in the legs, and standing during meetings can leave the lower back feeling stiff.

Eventually, if these aches and pains are left unaddressed or simply suppressed with conventional painkillers, it may result in compounded stress on your skeletal system. By taking precautions, you can minimize the pain and help your body stay strong. This is how yoga can help.


Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen, stretch and relieve pain in your muscles. It doesn't require large time commitments, a trip to the gym, or extensive knowledge to do correctly. You can easily integrate a few poses into your morning routine before you leave your hotel or your house for work. There are many additional benefits to yoga, including better breathing, immune support, and hormonal balance.

Yoga strengthens the body due when poses are held in position. This strength training uses your own body weight to build muscles, reducing the chance of overworking them. Strengthen the hips and core muscles can help with lower back pain left side aches, which may result from your nondominant side being weaker than the dominant right side, if you are right-handed.


Stretching is another benefit to yoga. It relaxes the muscles and relieves tense knots that get accumulated by stress. Your muscles can become contracted and eventually pull other muscles out of alignment, which may cause other problems and imbalances in your body. Relieving this contracted state through gentle stretching also expels some of the acidic fluid that gets retained.

Stretching can help you be more awake, aware and present. It lowers stress and improves moods. The nerves in the muscles can become so compressed by the tension that they go numb or begin to feel ticklish. These muscles may need to be massaged and stretched to return to normal function. Overstressed muscles may eventually lead to worn ligaments, joints and contribute to pain.


Deep breathing can effectively relieve stress. It is often used in anger management and anxiety control. It calms the nervous system and sends a rush of oxygenated blood to your brain, improving function. Other parts of your body receive this benefit as well. This induces deep relaxation and relieves pain caused by tension. With deep breaths, your body is able to heal and rebalance. This can even improve digestion and help you to sleep better.

Yoga improves breathing by focusing on breath throughout poses. It is important to breathe deeply and slow in every pose, which enhances the stretch and releases the muscle. When you breathe slowly and take a yoga pose, your mind is brought to the moment and into focusing on your body, away from the outside world.

These couple minutes of respite can bring numerous benefits to your mental state, relieving mental or emotional tension so that you can relax and face tomorrow’s challenges more efficiently. Having a clear mind from yoga can also help you sleep, as you're cultivating the habit of not allowing distractions to disturb your tranquility. There are numerous benefits to getting better sleep, including work performance.


Yoga has so many benefits, especially for a man with a lot of weight on his shoulders. It's important to nurture your mind and body through relaxation, giving yourself time to wind down from a busy day. If you take care to do yoga regularly, you can benefit through increased muscles strength and balance, more relaxed muscles, less stress in general, and less pain.

Try a few simple poses such as downward dog, the cobra, and sun salutation. Yoga does not need to be intensive, complicated or done in a studio. Simple poses are easy to do just after you get out of bed. Try to do about ten minutes of yoga in the morning and in the evening, and see how your body responds to this extra care.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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